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German Nash Hash 2018!!!

24-26 August 2018
FELDBERG, Black Forest, Germany

Hiking was invented in the Black Forest! And that’s where this year’s GERMAN NASH HASH will take place.

It was Philipp Bussemer from Baden-Baden who, at the end of the 19th century, opened what was probably the first tourist information centre in the Black Forest near to his haberdashery shop. Publishing hiking maps and numerous hiking guides soon became more important to him than his chosen career.

Just like hashing has become more important than our careers and taken over our lives. So don’t waste any time, book your holidays now and come join us in AUGUST for the most memorable GNH yet.

More info and registration details soon to follow.

Sembach Full Moon Hash #974

A-A Trail

Why: It’s the 1st Full Moon of 2018!

When: 2 Jan 18 @ 7pm

Special Notes: Get on A63 and drive North towards Mainz/Frankfurt am Main like you did 3 days ago. But instead of visiting Biscut Bitch and Landing Strip in Wiesbaden again – this time get off at the first exit, Sembach. Ignore the signs going towards the town. Instead, follow the winding road up the hill, crossing “over” the traffic circle (that means taking the 2nd exit) towards Sembach Zufart West. When you get to all of the blue and white signs, turn right onto Zeplinstrasse. The parking lot we’ve used numerous times before has been re-purposed, so drive down Zeplinstrasse looking on the right-hand side for hashers.

Questions? Hareline 0162-800-6247

Sembach Hash #974

Hares: Baron Von Dopplebanger and Sir Lost A Lot

On-Start: near Goethestraße 53, 67655 Kaiserslautern, Germany. There is a parking lot here. Across the street from the Kaufland parking.

When: 16 Dec 17 @ 1400 (2pm for commoners)

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro’s, virgins (yes they are free), wisitors, and your thirst for beer. Warm clothes, maybe a spare for the impromptu on-after.

Come join this A-A Trail where we pop BVD’s Hare Cherry.

Sorry I don’t feel like writing much here but there will be Good times to be had by All!

On-After: TBD (But it will be followed by group showers at Sir Lost A Lot’s Knight’s Quarters and A night of continuation out on the town if you choose to stay)

Crash Space: Let me know if you need it, and we will Twirk it out.

19th Anal Sembach H3 Winter Solstice Hash!

19th Anal Sembach H3 Winter Solstice Hash!
Hash #: 975
WHEN: Thu Dec 21
WHY: Krampus sez celebrate the Solstice
TIME: 1900/7 PM – Hare away at 1915 sharp!
COST: $5/5 euro
LOCATION: Austraße 27, 66887 Jettenbach, Deutschland
Hare: Teacher’s Pet
TRAIL: A- A Enjoy TPs shortest hash of the year on the longest night.
BRING: Your sexy bellybuttons, warm clothes,weird pagan-fu and pagan clothes or no clothes at all, lighting device.
FEATURING: Cold! and Snow..ok..more likely rain.. Some up, some down, some all around. Frozen boar turds, Beer stop, Gluhwien stop. Krampus!
DIRECTIONS: Cumming soon
See you there!
Teacher’s Pet
“yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial”

Sembach Hash #967 18 Nov 17

Hares: Just Megan/Some Poor Bastard (not an actual hasher at Sembach…yet)
When: 18 Nov 17 @ 1400
Where: Weilerbach 67685 49.477754, 7.603951 (the ominous parking lot
How: I pefere an old fashion air drop of deralicts from the sky, but by car or foot works just as well.
Bring: The usual $5 or 5 Euro, virgins, a thirst that most undoubtly can be quenched by beer. The wrath of a thousand bull frogs. Warm clothing for wet or the dry. Did I mention Virgins?
D’rections: From Das Autobahn take the exit for Ramstein AB/Einseidlerhof and take K25 and L367 to L356 in Weilerbach. Turn right onto Jacob-Pfeiffer-Straße -160 m, Continue onto K5
140 m, Continue onto L369 – 400 m, At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto K5 – 650 m, Continue onto K25 – 3.7 km, Turn left onto K13
200 m, At the roundabout, take the 4th exit and stay on K13
150 m, Take the ramp to A62/Kusel/Ramstein-Miesenbach/Mackenbach – 170 m, Merge onto L367 – 2.5 km,
Continue onto L356 until you reach a parking lot full of half-minded fools.

Kim Karda she ain’t Piss off/World Peace Through Beer/Full Moon

Your stupid GM, me, forgot all about this being WPTB!!!

Bring a 6 pack of “foreign” beer as you payment for the days hash! If its a German beer, it better be special 😉

There will be patches for sell!

Hare: Gay Ho!

Where: Altenglan Train Station

When: 3 Nov 2017 @1400 as far as I know.

Sembach Hash #965

What: The Hash you dingus

When 21 Oct 2017 @1400 (2pm wanks)

How: Don’t care, drive your car, carpool, *un, walk

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro, Warm clothes, a thirst for beer, and of course VIRGINS!!!

Where: Morlauterer Straße 99, 67659 Kaiserslautern, Deutschland

Hares: Loveballs and First Glass Ride

Starting point: big parking lot south of swimming pool Waschmühle

Hares´note: I will be flat and dry and no shiggy… promise!… so get prepared…


Hear ye, hear ye, happy trails to all who read this Hash Trash missive for Sembach Hash #965!

The pack arrived to a beautiful October day in Germany, with temperatures in the mid-60s and the occasional rain shower. Yet 20 people made it to #965, proving once again that beer is thicker than water. Notably, FIVE WHOLE VIRGINS were present, as well as a similar amount of visitors (some of whom have yet to be abducted!)

Our hares, Loveballs and First Glass Ride, promised a short, shiggy-free trail and our RA Lego took them at their word. The boy is cute, but too trusting, and the hares took full advantage of this. More on that later.

The trail was a wonderful shiggy affair for about a kilometer, straight through brambles (or was that just me?) up the hill to the Adventure Quest. The quest was to slay a nightmarish monster called the Appletini, and I am glad to say we succeeded. After this we wandered around in the woods for about 40 minutes, occasionally glimpsing a mark, and made our way to the second beer stop in a “wonderful” “little” valley near Gersweilerhof. Most of the pack enjoyed the nearly 10 stories of stairs down the valley and up again. The pictures in the event page are truly magnificent and well worth looking at.

Eventually we found our way to the ON IN and Lego started circle. After a series of misadventures involving poor career choices, poor trail decisions, and worst of all-wearing a skirt instead of a kilt-Shiggy in My Shitter was made to do up to and including a Flying Towering Deadbug, with Double Dickhead and Just Sebastian administering.

Good times were had by all. On-on to the next trail! -SQ

Sembach Turkey Trot, 25 November. Be there!
Sembach 12 Down Downs, 8 December. BE THERE!

Fall Equinox Hash – 22 Sep 17 – 1900

Sorry for the late notice – #mismanagement
HARES: Squeaky Queen

WHEN: 22 Sep 2017 @ 1900 (7pm for wanks)

WHERE: Danziger Straße 22, 67685 Weilerbach, Deutschland

Behind the Aldi in Weilerbach there’s a small trail – you’ll see us congregated there

BRING: $5 or 5 Euro for hash cash and warm clothes, virgins, and your thirst for beer!!!

HOW: Don’t Care, just be there for the fall colors!
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: It’s getting DARKER EARLIER, so bring a headlamp or flashlight! Also, I recommend socks – the higher the better.

Sembach’s In-N-Out Hash, A-to-A trail – 12 Aug 17

What: Sembach’s In-N-Out Hash, A-to-A trail

When: 4pm (that’s 16:00) on Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Where: Am Weihertal 6 Waldfischbach-Burgalben 67714

Who: Hares = ALL Sembach MisManagement (ingoing & outgoing)

Why: To fuck off outgoing MisMangement and welcome incoming MisManagement!

On After: POTLUCK on after at Karda-She-Ain’ts place (same as On In). Comment below on what you would like to bring to include side dishes, softies, paper plates, cutlery. Main meat course and WINE provided by host (please help me drink this alcohol before I PCS!)

Crash Space: 4 spots in a bed, 2 spots on a couch, at least 6 spots on air mattresses, much more on floor! Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags available upon request!

Directions: Can get here via A62, B270, or by train (On Start is 2.4 KM from train station)

Sembach Earth Day Hash

When: 22 April 2017 – This Saturday!!!

WHO: BooBoo and Teacher’s Pet
WHERE: 36 Kuselweg, Erdesbach
WHY: Because it’s Earth Day, and Sembach is celebrating this special event with a CLOTHING SWAP! No, really! I know I’m not the only hasher with a drawer full of old hash shirts that I never plan on wearing again.

HHHi All,
Please join us for the annual Earth Day hash at Earthbrooke!

22 April 2017 15.00

In the interest of preserving the earth and BooBoo’s sanity, there will be a GREAT Haberdashery give-away/sale/exchange/raffle.

We will start at 15.00 in order to do this before circle and trail. That way, you can wear all the new, old, fashionable and questionable haberdashery you may have acquired, and have a beer or 2 before we set off on to BooBoo’s second to first DEAD SembachHHH trail.

This will be an A to B trail with a bag car, some beer stops, view stops and the circle at B.
Please park at the parking lot by the river (Fischervereinhaus) in Erdesbach (directions) and walk up the Earthbrooke from there.
The address is

Kuselweg 36
66887 Erdesbach

We’ll sort out getting back to cars after circle.

Bring : lust for life, money and down parka, gore-tex running shoes, virgins, money, a towel, and your concern for the environment!

Call TP or write to him if you are confused

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