Sembach Hash House Harriers

A Drinking club with a running problem

Author: Julian Buhl

Dr. Manginas “Bye bye cherry” run

Our very own Dr. Mangina is doing his virgin hare – so don’t expect anything, like usual 😉

What: My chance to show you my sadist side by bringing us back to where I started last Fall. Be prepared for shiggy, hills, and maybe a jump in the Bärenlochweiher after (it’s fucking HOT yo)

Big parking lot by the lake
Weiherstraße 34, 66862 Kindsbach

Bring: A change of clothes if you think you might like a swim and then On After.

On After is TBD because fuck you, I’m not a cop

Full Moon #XXXX

What: Full Moon Trail and total Lunar Eclipse

Where: Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof
When: 27 July 2018 @ 1830