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Sembach Full Moon (___|___) Hash# 894

What: Full Moon Hash

Where: Henschtal parking near schutzenhaus 49.4629525,7.3994991

Hares: Takes 3 2 Make Me Cum and Dainty Paws

Why: To celebrate the full moon!

When: Meet up at 1900 and hare away by soon after – 20 July 2016

What: Bring your hash cash, your virgins, your pagan relics, a flashlight, your thirst for beer and your sense of adventure.

Trail: A to A

D’erections: From Ktown head towards A62. Take A62 towards Trier and exit Glan-Muenchweiler. Go left towards and then through Glan-Muenchweiler (stay on the priority road the whole way). Drive/ride beneath the A62 and you are almost there, stay straight and enter Henschtal. Take the first right onto Sangerstrasse and then left at the end of the block. Keep on going about 500 meters (the road will become a single track), but keep on going.

Sembach Hash #893 – Erections

clinton election
Hares:Coitus Interruptus
What:Sembach Hash of course – Erections, what does that mean? It means you have the power of choice, and your vote does actually count. So cum on out and decide who will lead this hash to victory or into the gutter. Either way, it’ll be your damn fault.
When: 16 July 16 @ 1600
Where: Miesauer Straße 58, 66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg, Deutschland
Other: This will occur near the lake, so bring your hash attire, sun screen and bug spray!!!
Bring: $5 or 5 Euro, virgins, and thirst for beer.

Sembach Hash #892

Hares: Anatomically Incorrect Ken & Squeaky Queen

What: Sembach Freedom isn’t free *un.

When: 2 July 2016 @ 1600

Bring: $5 or 5 Euros, virgins, your thirst for Beer and your Merican spirit. ALSO SHIGGY SOCKS, HOLY SHIT BRING YOUR SHIGGY SOCKS

Where: GPS coordinates 49.491090, 7.585001’28.8%22N+7%C2%B035’07.4%22E/@49.491335,7.5847678,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d49.4913333!4d7.5853889

Why GPS?: I don’t know, it’s a damn parking lot. Take the L369 (ha!) north from the Mackenbach Circle, go down the big hill and turn left at the bottom. Check the picture I uploaded if you get confused.

Sembach Hash #889 – Glove’s On-Out!!!

13037_2013_Article_158_Fig2_HTMLEmergency Entrance busts her Haring cherry June 4th with Sembach H3. Come for Up-Ups, Down-Downs and ON-ONs. On after is Dinner and beer Pong in K-town.

When: Saturday June 4th: 1600
Where: L503 outside of K-town
Lat/Long: 49.412375, 7.747553
Hare: Emergency Entrance & DHP
Hash Cash: 5
Special Destructions:
1. Bring your On-After gear. Emergency Entrance has offered let us use her apt as a changing point so we can get ready for dinner and beer pong after the hash. (&Crash space!)
2. Bring Bug Spray (if you want) we will be in the woods so plan accordingly.

Sembach Hash and Full Moon

full moonHares: Harriette Potter & Special mystery hare

What: Saturday Hash and Full Moon (maybe two trails two circles)

When: 21 May 2016 @ 1600

Where: Landstuhl Banhof dirt parking lot on opposite side of station.

How: Train, automobile, horse, or by foot

On-After: Kaiserslautern Full Moon fest

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