25 Feb 17 Sembach Hash

Sembach Hash 11 Feb!

WHO: Game Boy and Superman
WHERE: 116 Pirmasenserstrasse, Kaiserslautern
WHY: IT’S AN ASTROLOGICAL EXTRAVAGANZA! Full Moon plus Saturday trail means a DOUBLE TRAIL of truly stellar proportions, and who better to lay it than the one, the only Game Boy?

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: It is also the annual Bondage Hash!

Sembach 9 something somethin

GPS49.430325, 7.771927
Where: South Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide by the Technical University

When: 14 Jan 17 – Tomorrow

49.430325, 7.771927

If you are heading towards the FCK soccer/football stadium, take Bremerstraße for 3/4 mile or so and follow that to the large parking lot on the left hand side of the road before the “Y” intersection of Bremerstraße and Kantstraße. Park next to the recycling center in the parking lot.

Hares: CDC & Squeeky

Time: 1400–hare away at 1415

Promises: Beer, Trail, Snow, Trees, shiggy and a never seen before SV!

Lies: Beer, Trail, Snow, Trees…you get it.

Cost: 5 Euro/USD

Call CDC if you are stuck driving/R*nning in circles searching for beer.

175 8574469

Sembach Hash #906?


WHERE: 49.397708, 7.577501
From the Bahnhof Landstuhl
Head west on Bahnstraße toward Tulpenstraße
44 s (500 m)
Turn left onto Von-Richthofen-Straße
1 min (450 m)
Take Weiherstraße and L363 to Nardinistraße
5 min (2.1 km)

When: 22 Oct 16 @ 1400

ALRIGHT YOU WANKERS! I came here to kick ass and drink beer, and it’s high time we did that again, Evil Dead style!

This is just a normal jaunt into the woods, but you better have some easily rippable shirts, because hash will be armed with blood packets and demons!
Or you can just be lame and come anyway.

So saw off your evil hand, bring your favorite chainsaw, and let’s hack this bloody thing together!

Sembach Full Moon Hash – Biscuit’s 10 years

What:  The next Sembach Full Moon Hash
When:  7:00pm, Sunday, October 16th 2016
Why:  Biscut is celebrating 10 years with this crazy pack!
Where: Sembach, the abandoned air base on Zeplinstrasse
Hare: Biscut Bitch
Directions: From A6, take A63 north towards Mainz/Frankfurt am Main. Take the first exit off of A63 towards Sembach. Do NOT (Yeast Infection) follow the yellow signs towards town. Instead, stay on the long, winding road you exited onto, keeping the water tower on your right. Drive over/through the traffic circle (2nd exit) and turn right onto Zeplinstrasse. Look for hashers.

Sembach Hash 9## SUPER TRAIL

PICTURED: the pack, less than a mile into the run
THE HARE: Drink Her Pretty
WHEN: 8 Oct 2016 – 1400
THE PLACE: 49.491090, 7.584753

THE THEME: It’s a month after End of Summer and some of us are fully recovered from our hangover, so it’s time for DHP to remind us all why we drink with SUPERTRAIL!

And now, a song, to the tune of Love Me Tender:

Drink Her Pretty’s trails are sweet
hope you brought a lot of DEET
it’s so curvy, it’s so long
cause it’s a fucking marathon

Note from the Hare: No need to fear, Let their be BEER!!

Sembach Hash Bad-Drunkheim


What: Sembach Hash annual Bad Durkheim Wurst Festival take over.

Hares : Squeaky Queen
Time: 1400

Where: The square in front of the Bad D train Station

When: 17 Sept 2016

There will only be one trail, a walking trail led by Squeaky Queen and possibly Donkey.

We will be departing from Kaiserslautern HBF @12:32. This will get us there 30 minutes early. I don’t know what trains get you to KTown before this time, you will need to look them up.

If you are driving, meet in the square in front of the Bad D train station. If you aren’t driving, meet in the square in front of the Bad D train station.

Landstuhl Train Departing @ 1218 – does not use the same Train as Kaiserslautern, however you will be catching the same train in Neustadt. Or you can always catch an earlier train to K-town and ride with the group. On On.

Last train back to Ktown is 23:36, I don’t recommend that you wait that long.

Sembach Hash #898


Hares: Soccer Mom Tom Tom / Lego-My-Mom
What: Sembach Hash, where we will cross between states, that’s right 2-for-1 special; 1 Country 2 States, plenty of shiggy, shaggy, and so much more.
Where: Somewhere between Penny and Edeka-
In den Zickelwiesen 22
66914 Waldmohr
GPS: 49.380671, 7.328596
When: 27 August 16 @ 1600 (4pm)
Bring: $5 or 5 Euro, virgins for trail, beer and goodies
On After: TBD

Sembach Hash #896 (+2 more) In-and-Out Trails!!!

What: Anal change in Misman, 3 trails, 3 circles and traditional SEMBACH sh*t.
Who: Trail 1 hared by current misman, trail 2 current & future misman, trail 3 future misman. (don’t worry we have never lost a hasher for more than 23.99 hours at one of these trails)
Where: SEMBACH AIRFIELD!!!! Look for the dirt lheot at Zepplinstrasse 18 or these coordinates 49.5088656,7.8586488.
When: 13 Aug 2016 at 1400
Why: It’s out with the old and in with the NEW! For another year of wacky SHENANIGANS, SEMBACH STYLE!!!!
Bring: $5 or 5euros, virgins, money for trail (who knows, not event the hares), change of clothes and money for on-after at Flamkuchenhuette in Mehlingen.
D’erections: From Ktown area take A6 towards Mannheim and get on the A63. Take SEMBACH Exit and go right and head towards Sembach. At the circle take the 2nd exit and look for hashers.
On On