Sembach Hash House Harriers

A Drinking club with a running problem

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Sembach Saturday Trail #1013

What: Sembach Saturday Trail

When: Saturday 6th of October, 2pm/14:00


Who: Putin my Sister & All the Dicks



Sembach Hash #1012 Haiselscher Invasion Reloaded

What: Sembach Hash #1009 Haiselscher Invasion Reloaded

When: Saturday, 29th of September, 2pm/14:00
Something about the trains that will get us there in time will be posted in the facebook event.

Where: Neustadt an der Weinstra├če, Hauptbahnhof(train station)

Who: Man Hoarder & DoubleDickhead

Why: It’s the biggest wine harvest festival in the world.

Bring: CASH! And thirst ­čśë and virgins of course!

Full Moon of Justs #1008

What: Full Moon of Justs #1008

When: Tuesday, 25th of September 6:30pm/18:30


Who: Just Ashley and Just Toast (with the assistance of Miss Direction)


Sembach Hash #1007 Fall Equinox

What: Sembach Hash #1007 Fall Equinox
A to B run. Shuttle service back to your cars after will be provided. There will be an on after at the seediest bar in Baumholder.
There will be opportunity to buy beer ontrail.

When: Saturday, 22nd of September 4pm

Drive to where the road turns to dirt.

Who: Gaaayyy, Kunta, Just Toast

Why: Fall Equinox


Bad Drunkheim

What: Annual Visit of the Bad D├╝rkheim Wurstmarkt aka Bad Drunkheim

When: Saturday, 8. September

Where: Bad D├╝rkheim

Who: But His Nut and Better Laid aka BetterNut



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