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A Drinking club with a running problem

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Sembach Full Moon Trail

Who: Man Hoarder & Double Dickhead

When: Monday 17th of June, 19:00/7pm

Where: Hauptbahnhof Kaiserslautern

Cum out this Monday and enjoy the full moon with us! We will start close to the kaiserslautern hauptbahnhof – just find parking somewhere in Bahnhofstraße (the longtimers know what I’m talking about). Parking will even be free from 1900 on 🙂 this will be an A-A trail.

What to bring: virgins, 5€/$ hash cash, thirst for beer and the tasty AQ that will be awaiting you, maybe a fleshlight and your beautiful faces!

Ausfahrt’s Virgin Trail Analversary

Who: Ausfahrt and Putin my Sister
Trail is A to A

When: Saturday 15th of June, 16:00/4pm

Where: Bremerhof Kaiserslautern

Bring BUG SPRAY and wear Shiggy Socks!
Bring Virgins! Bring Virgins!
I wanna pop your cherry the way that Vader Bator popped mine one year ago on this day! (I love you Hash Mommy!)
Here I am, a year later haring this trail to share my Hashy memories with all you wanks! MIMB and Anything Butt hared this trail last year and holy shit, I will NEVER forget it! I obviously keep cumming back for more!

Where the Fuck is Superman? He better be at this trail so I can fart on him again! 😘

On-On, ya fucking fucks!
– Ausfahrt 🏃‍♀️💨💩🍻

Sembach Satrurday Trail

Who: Biscut Bitch

When: Saturday 1st of June, 16:00/4pm

Where: Mehrzweckhalle, Haupstrasse 10, Krickenbach

A-A Trail, On-After at the Hash Mansion, Ringstrasse 11, Krickenbach – please bring some food and drink to share. Dog friendly trail and On-After.


20th Anal-versary of the Sembach H3

Wel-Cum, Wel-Cum, Wel-Cum to the 20th Anal-versary of the Sembach H3!!! This is your chance to apply for your Hash 00 – A license to swill! The event will be held on the weekend of July 19-21, 2019 in the village of Wolfstein at the Jugendherberge. Hence our theme will be James Bond, Never, Say Never Again! There will be prizes for those that dress the best as any of the Bonds, villains, or Bond girls, LOO-OO-OVE me some Bond girls!! Standard Sembach style trails, circles, and shenanigans apply.

Rego is 150 Euro for food, beverage, bed, beverage, trails, beverage, memories you’ll never remember, beverage, gimme, and beverage, (plus whatever else I can’t remember), from Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning. There will be follow up emails with info on how to get to the venue, pre- and post-lubes, and how to pay, if you feel so inclined. So, REGO NOW as space is limited to 138 beds!!! Can’t make the whole weekend? There are options for you on the rego form too! SO REGO NOW!!!!

Use the following Link to Rego:

Who’s Cumming List:

Anal Easter Beer Hunt

Who: Better Laid and But His Nut

What: Anal Easter Beer Hunt

When: Saturday, 20th of April, 4pm/1600

Where: ALDI SÜD, Danziger Straße 22 in 67683 Weilerbach

The start will be in the back of the parking lot. There will be beer and a nice long trail!

Bring a bag or a basket or a backpack or something to carry all your loot home afterwards!!!

Hares: Better Laid and But His Nut

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