Sembach Full Moon Hash
Don’t Cum on my flashlight Hash!!!
Hare: If the Glove Fits Cum in It
When: 06 Novermber 2014 @ 1900 (7pm)
HHHey you wanks, the night of the month when we decide to be extra adventurous and hash is here! That’s right, the Full Moon is upon us.¬†

Where: Trail will begin from the soccer field in Haupstuhl village (GPS coordinates have been posted) and will promptly begin at 7:00 pm due to lack of the fact that the sun’s batteries are starting to go out sooner. In case some of you still need a reminder make sure you bring a source of light (torch, flashlight, flashBANG, rave sticks, fairy lights, etc.) some warm and waterproof clothing, extra shoes, extra clothes (optional) and a thrust for beer!¬†

Directions from the train station are as follow: go south of the train station until you hit Kaiserstraße and make a left turn. Cross and follow the road until you come to you hit a road called Heidenfelsstraße and make a right. Continue on the road and keep left at the fork in the road to finally arrive at the soccer field where the street ends. Total walk is about 13 mins.
GPS –¬†49.396047,7.492311