Who: Ausfahrt and Tainted Love

What: Sembach Full Moon of Taints Trail

When: Friday 19th of April, 7pm/1900

Where: Schafmühle, 67734 Katzweiler

Cum join Ausfahrt and Tainted Love in Katzweiler for this Sembach Full Moon trail of ass farting love for taints!

I know a lot of you wanks have missed our fellow Sembacher, Tainted Love. He’s been running around in the Shiggy swamps of Carolina Trash H3 for the last few months. So, cum show your love for taints as this will be your opportunity to hang out with your taints out in the big ass pale moon light!

Bring your head (who said head?) lamps, glow sticks, raver lights, whatever, just put them on your body somewhere. Always bring your thirst for beer, cum, or whatever else you choose to imbibe. Bring condoms in case you want to take advantage of the evening romantic stroll under the full moon of taints.

Always wear your Shiggy socks!! Probably need to wear Shiggy shoes too.

Dog friendly if they are okay seeing a lot of horses.

There’s parking to the left just before the on start.
Putin/Missionary- park at the on-start. Yes there’s room.

This is Good Friday too so there will be a chance to sing hallelujah to the moon and rejoice together with beer on this trail.