Wel-Cum, Wel-Cum, Wel-Cum to the 20th Anal-versary of the Sembach H3!!! This is your chance to apply for your Hash 00 – A license to swill! The event will be held on the weekend of July 19-21, 2019 in the village of Wolfstein at the Jugendherberge. Hence our theme will be James Bond, Never, Say Never Again! There will be prizes for those that dress the best as any of the Bonds, villains, or Bond girls, LOO-OO-OVE me some Bond girls!! Standard Sembach style trails, circles, and shenanigans apply.

Rego is 150 Euro for food, beverage, bed, beverage, trails, beverage, memories you’ll never remember, beverage, gimme, and beverage, (plus whatever else I can’t remember), from Friday Afternoon to Sunday Morning. There will be follow up emails with info on how to get to the venue, pre- and post-lubes, and how to pay, if you feel so inclined. So, REGO NOW as space is limited to 138 beds!!! Can’t make the whole weekend? There are options for you on the rego form too! SO REGO NOW!!!!

Use the following Link to Rego:


Who’s Cumming List: