Who: Ausfahrt and Putin my Sister
Trail is A to A

When: Saturday 15th of June, 16:00/4pm

Where: Bremerhof Kaiserslautern

Bring BUG SPRAY and wear Shiggy Socks!
Bring Virgins! Bring Virgins!
I wanna pop your cherry the way that Vader Bator popped mine one year ago on this day! (I love you Hash Mommy!)
Here I am, a year later haring this trail to share my Hashy memories with all you wanks! MIMB and Anything Butt hared this trail last year and holy shit, I will NEVER forget it! I obviously keep cumming back for more!

Where the Fuck is Superman? He better be at this trail so I can fart on him again! 😘

On-On, ya fucking fucks!
– Ausfahrt 🏃‍♀️💨💩🍻