93512h_turkey trot logoWhat? The Sembach Hash House Harrier’s Turkey Trot

Where: Wiesbaden – Breckenheim

When: Saturday, November 29th, 2:00pm

Why? The Army would like you think that for once in Sembach’s 15 year history, it was NOT a fluke that they actually beat the Air Force in our annual football game! Regardless of the outcome, we can all enjoy some turkey afterwards, and a freshly cooked, make-to-order omelette courtesy of Helicunter should you stay until Sunday morning!

What to Bring: Whatever appetizer, dessert, or side dish you signed up for. Also, the hashers requesting crash space should come prepared with sleeping bags and air mattresses, as our guest beds and couches are quickly filling up!

Hares: Biscut Bitch and Landing Strip

Hairline: Contact Biscuit Bitch if you plan on attending.