Who: Coitus Interruptus

When: Saturday, 19th of September 1230

Where: Bad Fürkheim Train Station

So, i had a great name: “It’s not so Bad Drunk-Heim”. But then Takes 3 chimes in with ” Wurst Bad Drunk-Heim, ever!” So I think you know what this is called.As a tribute to the town and event we barely know but support anyway…let’s do it again!!!! The difference in this event and the real thing will be barely noticeable. You will still be able to ride a train there and back, pick up a Dubble glass or other souvenirs, wear your Trachten, drink wine, eat my sausage and a bretzeln, visit lovely wineries, and see Bad D in a way you may never have seen it before (sober-ish?).You want the souvenirs, Dubble glass, and to support local businesses? Show up at 1125 and we will do all that. Why so early? Because the souvenir store closes at noon! apparently the owner is a Hasher type person and begins drinking at lunch, can’t say I blame them. We will visit the second hand store and hit up the package store at the Hbf to round out the pre-gaming festivities. Hash starts after train arrives at 1225, we walk to a winery, imbibe, walk to a federweitzer stand, imbibe, walk to a scenic view, who knows, walk somewhere, imbibe, something, something, ah who am I kidding no one will know by this point anyway.Getting home will not be as easy since there is not a special schedule, likely hourly but will update more as I lock in more ideas or tastings.Hash cash will depend on the number of tastings and other dumb shit we do. Bottom line though, BRING EUROS!!!!