for the love of beer mom

Attention Wankers and Wanketts

Lego my Mom and Soccer Mom Tom Tom will be hosting the most outrageous, under rated Hash of the month.

Lego my Mom will be hosting all YOU, at his humble abode (whether he knows it or not). Therefore he (I) requests that YOU contribute to the debaucheries to be had.

What: Hash, Low Country Boil, and PJ Party Sleep over

Signup: Please signup to help with dishes, drinks, and cooking/cleanup crew. If
you have a friendly house trained pet they are welcome, but please indicate on the signup sheet.

How: If you plan on crashing, and we all know you want to, please indicate on the sign up sheet;

Sleepover: Bring air mattress, pillows and sleeping bags. Also a towel to cleanup with and a change of clean clothes would be nice as well, or you might be left to camp out in the shed.

For the Hash: The weather maybe cold, maybe wet, so bring extra clothes, shoes, socks, whatever floats your boat. If you sleep over see notes above. Don’t forget to dress for the weather, so bring your hoodies, shiggy socks and pants if needed, there will be trail!!

How: Get here by any means necessary. The house is not located very close to a train station, so you will need to get a ride or drive. As stated before, if you want to crash just signup.

When: 22 Nov 2014, Saturday (2pm)

Errections: Head down A6 towards Paris. Take the Waldmore Exit, not the gas station one, the one after. Take a right at the intersection. Head straight for 2k , then take a left at the Bechhofen sign. Navigate through Legos village until you reach a grocery store and hang a left there. Follow the road until you exit the village and take a left after the bus stop. Take the immediate left heading up hill. Head up about 200m and go right at the form. His house is the first on the right.

***Note*** This is a good time to bring some cash, the haberdashery is stored at this