Not a hash, but more of an invasion of local fare.

Wine in the (People’s) ParkDelicious delights in an atmospheric ambience. For the fifth time, Wein im Park is taking place at Pentecost in the Volkspark Kaiserslautern. In the shade of old trees and with a view of the Schwanenweiher, visitors can again enjoy selected wines from various winegrowers and delicacies. The ZELLERS wine lounge from the Zellertal presents this year’s wine festival in the Volkspark. The Baum-Storzum wineries from Obrigheim and Sonnenberg from Neuleiningen will bring their wines and invite you to try them. At the booth of the ZELLERS wine lounge there are numerous wines from the Zellertal and selected secco cocktails on tap. The Gin-Gin Bar from Kaiserslautern will also have a stand again. Of course, the culinary offer must not be neglected. In addition to tarte flambée from the wood-fired oven, there are all kinds of delicacies from the Speeter catering service in Hettenleidelheim.It starts on Friday at 5 p.m. with the “Notte Italiano” with the duo Just Music around singer Pino Serio. On Saturday evening, the band Soul Kollektiv invites you to dance.Sunday morning begins with a morning pint at 11 a.m. From 6 p.m. the park will be dancing to the beats of “The DJ Bus-DJ Didi”. Monday starts again at 11.00 am with a morning pint and then ends comfortably.Admission is free on all days.

What: Just a gathering of like minded folks, wine, and food.

Where: 67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany

When: 27 May @1700, but it’s open before then. Or you can meet at Gelterswoog @1300 for some lake floating. If your floating bring a float, your choice of beverage, and a towel. Probably sunscreen, snacks, and whatever else you need for the lake.