What: Sembach Hash Trail 1205 – Spring Equinox

Hare(s): Soccer Mom Tom Tom & Mi Pho Horny

Where: Jahnstraße 26, 67686 Mackenbach, Germany
Circle will be in the empty lot between Fiesta Mexicana and The Belgian Bistro

GPS: 49.469836, 7.579316

When: 20 March 2024/1800

Why: Leap Year makes everything special for a pagan hash. Why you ask? Because the Spring Equinox happens one day earlier during a Leap Year. Don’t believe me? Look it up, I’m not clever enough to make this shit up!

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro Hash Cash

Special Destructions: Hares away at 1800 on the dot, late, find trail. It will be short, probably a little shiggy, maybe a little shaggy. Bring head lamps and if you plan on staying for dinner at Fiesta Mexicana, please say going so I can make the reservation numbers accurate. Trail and circle will be done by 1930.