Hey pack, as announced earlier, If you attend one of three hashes at Fest Hash you will receive 1 credit for Sembach H3. Below is the pay-as-you-go option. You will not have tent access without a Stuttgart Rego (they are sold out)

Friday 3 May: Rego and Pub Crawl Start

Pub Crawl will start from “Rote Kapelle”, Feuerseepl. 14, 70176 Stuttgart (close to S-Bahn Stop Feuersee)

Opens at 5:00 pm
Hares Away at 6:45 pm
Pack Away at 7:00 pm

Saturday 4 May: Trail (Ball Breaker / Runners & Walkers)

Ball Breaker’s trail will start at 8:30 am
Meeting Point: Vogelrainstraße 21, 70199 Stuttgart
(close to U-Bahn Heslach Vogelrain))

Runners & Walker trail will start at 9:30 am
Meeting Point: Beethovenstraße 41, 70195 Stuttgart
(close to U-Bahn Beethovenstrasse)

Run Hares away: 09:30 am
Pack away: 09:45 am

Sunday – 5 May – Red Dress Charity Run
Don’t forget to bring your finest, craziest, sexiest red dress for this run.
Meeting Point: Berliner Platz (closest U-Bahn Stop “Berliner Platz”)

Hares away: 10:45 am
Pack away: 11:00 am

Charity action at final circle:
In case that you are having an extra bottle, or other stuff that might be of interest to other hashers. Please bring it and Blue Moon will auction it off. In order to increase the donation money for the Brustkrebshilfe e.V.