takes three

Hares: Takes 3 and Coitus (together again – as hares)

When: Sat 23 2015 @ 1600 (4pm) Summer Time

Where: Gravel lot next to the real parking lot for the old Edeka (now a Netto I think) near Hanfgärten and schulstrasse Ramstein-Miesenbach

What: The Hash of course, this unknown trail will sure to best any of the finest Hashers. We have been promised trees, shrubs, and flowers.

How: D’Erections are as follows: A6 from all D’Erections take exit #13 (feeling lucky punk? Well do ya?). Cranium North towards Ramstein Village (that’s AWAY from the bars in Landstuhl). At the first and second roundabouts go straight through, this is Landstuhler Strasse. Follow this strasse into Ramstein village and follow the priority around a sharp turn to the Right, avoid hitting the people in the cross walk, or don’t. Take the Left turn available, that way the pedestrian you just hit can’t read your plates, oh and this is the parking lot for the start. FEAR NOT! if you miss the first exit there is a second exit just around the Left hand corner. And if you truly suck this bad at driving, there is a third exit for the same parking lot just before the only traffic light in town. Believe it or not, if you dicked all of that up there is still a miniscule chance to still make the hash. Turn LEFT at the light, then take another LEFT 15 meters up the road. If you missed THAT turn, Fuck you!

Bring: 10 Euro or 10 dollars this is the Red Dress Run let’s raise some money to save the Ta Tas. Where your red dress, red kilt, red clothes, red pajamas… just wear red!