no-beer-no-peaceHares: Cunt Dracula @ Soccer Mom Tom Tom

When: Saturday – 24 Oct 2015  @ 1400

How: Go the store find beer, bring to hash and bring peace.

What: World Peace Through Beer Sembach Hash. Enjoy what the world has to offer along with Hash House Harriers kennels worldwide. Celebrated on your closest hashing day to Oct. 24, United Nations Day.

Bring: Your Favorite Beer and a Lawn Chair!!! What does that mean? To ensure stability throughout the World, one must bring a six pack of beer hopefully something new and enjoyable to share with the Hash. You may also want to Dress for the weather, it seems Germany is starting to cool off, bug spray, rain gear, shoes, change of clothes, a thirst for Beer and other beverages to be consumed.

Where: Hohenecken, Kaiserslautern

D’rections: Cuming from Opel Cicrle head down 270 South between Vogelweh Housing and Kapuan AB. Once you enter Hohenecken take the first left at Landolfstr. and follow the road to the intersection. Take another left head about 50 meters up and take the first right into the dirt parking lot.

GPS: 49.420451, 7.708964

Why: If there is no WPTB hash, there could be catastrophic consequences for such an event to not occur.

How: Find a ride, walk, run, take a bus, taxi.

On After: Kaiserslautern Pub Crawl with SuperMan and FeyWhite