valentinesBaby Shower Bondage Hash!!!
Hares: Anotomically Correct Ken & Blackout Down
When: 13 Feb 2016 @ 1400
What: The annual Sembach Tradition of a Bondage Hash on V-day weekend. Also we have a new hasher soon to be born so coinciding with this auspicious occasion is somewhat of a hash baby shower.
How: ***Hash has moved to Am Sportpl. 1, Bechhofen, you can train into Homburg and take a bus from there, but a automobile is the best choice. Look at carpooling if you plan on consuming.
Bring: $5 or 5 Euro and if your feeling generous a gift (baby books, size 3 diapers, or 6+ month clothing.) or something for the shower portion. Don’t Forget your bondage attire.
On After: TBD, but with all the bondage gear on it will be hilarious!!!