13037_2013_Article_158_Fig2_HTMLEmergency Entrance busts her Haring cherry June 4th with Sembach H3. Come for Up-Ups, Down-Downs and ON-ONs. On after is Dinner and beer Pong in K-town.

When: Saturday June 4th: 1600
Where: L503 outside of K-town
Lat/Long: 49.412375, 7.747553
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/SfBgt5vpVvr
Hare: Emergency Entrance & DHP
Hash Cash: 5
Special Destructions:
1. Bring your On-After gear. Emergency Entrance has offered let us use her apt as a changing point so we can get ready for dinner and beer pong after the hash. (&Crash space!)
2. Bring Bug Spray (if you want) we will be in the woods so plan accordingly.