A-A Trail

Why: It’s the 1st Full Moon of 2018!

When: 2 Jan 18 @ 7pm

Special Notes: Get on A63 and drive North towards Mainz/Frankfurt am Main like you did 3 days ago. But instead of visiting Biscut Bitch and Landing Strip in Wiesbaden again – this time get off at the first exit, Sembach. Ignore the signs going towards the town. Instead, follow the winding road up the hill, crossing “over” the traffic circle (that means taking the 2nd exit) towards Sembach Zufart West. When you get to all of the blue and white signs, turn right onto Zeplinstrasse. The parking lot we’ve used numerous times before has been re-purposed, so drive down Zeplinstrasse looking on the right-hand side for hashers.

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