What: 2nd Anal Erzenhausen Kilt Run. I have come up with a completely new trail with no uphill but a couple of drinking stops.

When: 16:00/4 pm, Saturday, July 14th

Where: Erzenhausen, In der Klamm 2
Use this adress for your GPS and park close by then walk up the hill with the war monument to the sports ground

Who: The Hometown Boys Double Dickhead & Quick Sink

Why: It’s time for a triple event of epic proportions.
This time we will celebrate the second installement of the Erzenhausen Kilt Run plus my 30th Birthday and it’s time for Hash Erections.

Bring: 5€/5$, your kilt since it’s kilt run, your thirst for beer, shigyy socks, a flash light (maybe you’ll need it this time)