Hash Trash: This was a shitty trail unlike any that I have yet to experience, Purple Vein was nice enough to include what must have been every set of steps in K-Town.

It was a perfect day for trail, cold, misting rain, and the general grayness that encompasses Germany this time of year. A small group of the most awesome Sembach hashers met at the main train station Kaiserslaturn to celebrate world peace through beer. Everyone was nice enough to bring a six pack of shitty beer from some place other than Germany. Butt surprised us with a ressurected piece of hash artifact, a toilet seat, which Gaaaayy was nice enough to break in for us. So, after a few MGD’s we were in hot pursuit of our hare. Running through the train station we met a random hasher who we’ve never met before, and we also ran into Coitus, who was late. From there we proceeded to wind our way through neighborhoods, and darkened woods to our beer stop. I myself was quite winded, and enjoyed a delicious Coors Lite before I was informed by Uncomfortably Thumbed that trail was going to get a lot harder, FUCK! As I mentioned earlier, I think we climbed every set of stairs in fucking town! One set, I was informed by PV was just over 200 steps, those led up to the stadium, which from there was all thankfully down hill.

Trail ended outside of our hares apartment building, on in shows that our front running bastard was, of course, Gaaayyy, and our new AEC (ass end Charley) was Papa Rongzi. There were many down downs, most of whom were for PV, who, along with haring a shitty trail, also used foreign hash marks. There was a down down for sex on trail… Glove and Easy, and Gaaayy of course had sex with himself… in circle. I did not have any sex, but I will say that my ass certainly hurts today (from all the stairs). It was all worth it for the beautiful shirt and patch. For all you pussies that were not there to witness this shitty trail, fuck you, and may you make it to the next!

Who: Purple Vein

What: WPTB(World Peace Through Beer) Full Moon Trail

When: Wednesday 24th of October, 18:30
Start is a little earlier, at the Kaiserslautern HBF, so that we can get through circle and show those Okinawa folks a local German Festival at out Anal KTown Fest Drinking Practice.

Where: Kaiserslautern Hbf (Main Station)

Why: Hashers from around the globe, unite to celebrate the glorious gift of beer, as close as UN Day as possible. UN Day happens to fall on October 24 this year, which is also a full moon and Octoberkerwe is happening in Kaiserslautern. Plus, I heard some (Okinawa SUCKS) visitors may be stopping by.

Bring: In leu of hash cash, please bring a six pack of delicious nectar, from another country. Bring your wallets, as the official WPTB shirts and patches will be on hand and will be needed for the post trail libations.