Start Time: 2pm A-A

Location: Ringstrasse 11, Krickenbach

Landing Strip and I sincerely appreciate the 40+ hashers who drove all the way up to Wiesbaden last year. However, a road trip is not necessary this time! The On-Start, Circle, and On-After will all take place at the HASH MANSION!! Missionary is baking the birthday cake; and of course, Landing Strip is cooking. However, since it is a party, we’re asking you to please let us know what food you’re bringing to share.

The trail will be medium length, using a special Hashmas Song Book at various point along the way. You can also bring a wrapped “white elephant” present (that you don’t want anymore) for the gift exchange.

Hareline: 06307-9111133

Thanks, Biscut

PS After the Beermeister parks, you’re welcome to take the other spots in the driveway!