Welcome to the Sembach Hash House Harriers Homepage. We hash all over the Kaiserslautern area (and sometimes Bad Durkheim).  Kaiserslautern is approximately an hour SW of Frankfurt and 45 minutes west of Mannheim/Heidelberg in the state of Rhineland-Pfalz.  Our pack averages 10-20 and our excellent trails last 1-2 hours. Our hashes are every other Saturday plus a Full Moon hash.  Summer hashes start in the late afternoon and winter hashes in the early afternoon.  A hash is never cancelled because of weather (we do hash in the dead of winter), and all hashes are laid by live hares.  The hash cost $5 or 5 Euro, but is free for anyone hashing with us for the first time.  Children are welcome but only if they are sedated and left in the car.   Want more information? Email anyone from Mismanagement.

Traditional Hashes Throughout the Year


New Year’s Day:

New Year’s Day is celebrated with a Hangover Hash sometime before noon.  This is so we get a chance to see everyone attempting to run trail still “hung over” from ringing in the New Year the night before.  Hangover hashes worldwide are usually done with everyone in pajamas.  Sembach normally makes sure there’s a supply of mimosas (orange juice and champagne) as well.


Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is when Sembach traditionally has our Bondage Hash.  It isn’t necessarily on Valentine’s Day, just the nearest normal Hash Saturday.  In addition to members of the pack wearing whatever Bondage/S&M gear they feel like sporting,  the GM/RA (or whoever winds up running the starting circle) should pair off all the pack members (and hares) and make sure that everyone is bound to a fellow hasher.  This is most easily accomplished with streamers, scarves or ribbon.  Feel free to be more creative or letting the pack bring their own gear (handcuffs, bondage tape, duct tape, rope, choker collars, and leashes will all work just as nicely but remember you will be going on trail like that.)  Down-downs should be given at the end to violators who break free of their bonds on trail.


Gispert Memorial Hash:

Worldwide in the middle of February, hashes have a Gispert memorial hash.  Nothing specific is done to celebrate the event other than ensuring the pack knows who “G” is and giving tribute to HHH’s most well known founder.  This can also be easily done at the Valentine’s Day Hash.


Saint Patrick’s Day:

Our annual Green Dress Day is done on St. Patty’s day.  Not mandatory (nothing at the hash is really) but it’s nice to make sure you have some Irish Beer to celebrate.  If nothing else, the hares should try to leave some Guinness, Harp, Murphy’s, Bailey’s (Irish Cream), Jameson’s (whiskey) or just some green food coloring at the Beer Nears.  Once again, this is not usually on St. Patty’s Day but the nearest Hash Saturday.

Ides of March Hash:

The Ides of March is the 15th of March.  This is the day Caesar was asked politely to step down, by being run through with a few dozen swords wielded by members of the Roman Senate.  It’s usually celebrated by a toga run.  This is not done every year and it’s an option if the pack doesn’t feel like running in a dress twice a year.  This can also be celebrated at the same time as St. Patty’s day by wearing green togas.  It’s all up to ya’ll.


April Fools Day:

This is a traditional annual run started by Teacher’s Pet.  This trail is the ballbuster run of the year.  The hare for this trail needs to be particularly devious and make the trail not only long as Hades, but with lots and lots of really nasty, god-awful shiggy.  If the hare is not put on probation after this run, he’s a wuss!  The pack should bitch about how sore they are after this trail for months.  In addition, the hares should feel free to play pranks on the pack along trail.  Water gun/balloon ambushes and flat beer at beer stops are just a couple of ideas.  Be creative!


The nearest Hash Saturday to Easter is the Easter Hash.  The hares should devise some sort of egg hunt or egg check along trail.  Be sure to have the Beer Meisters provide plenty of Easter type candy.


Cinco de Layo:

This is a run in honor of Tequila, Corona Beer, and loose Latino women.  Okay… mainly just the first two, but if you know anyone who falls into the last one bring them out!  Usually there will be south of the border style beverage of choice and at least one body shot on trail.  Piñatas filled with hasher type goodies would be a nice touch.  This is another good reason for a rowdy on after.  (For the REALLY non-Latinos out there…Cinco de Mayo, 5th of May, is one of Mexico’s 2 independence days *don’t ask, long story, go visit the library if you really must know*)

Mother’s Day:

The annual Red Dress run is run in honor of Mother’s Day on the regular Hash Saturday nearest Mother’s Day.  The entire pack is to be in red dresses regardless of gender.  Red Dress Runs are held in nearly every kennel worldwide.  They were started in San Diego long ago and if you want the full history go look it up at Global Trash.  Our run is done for charity with all profit going towards breast cancer research.  A breast is a terrible thing to waste (but such a lovely thing to taste!)


Hash Erections:

New mismanagement is voted upon at the Quiedersbach Chickenfest.  Hopefully it falls on a normal Hash Saturday.  Hopefully whoever looks up the date for the fest doesn’t screw things up too!  But, sometimes stuff happens.  There isn’t a trail for this Hash.  We all gather at this fest, enjoy really good roasted chicken and lots of beer, and then cast our votes for new or re-elected Mis-Management. Votes are tallied there on scene and new MM is announced there.  The new MM officially start their sentence, er, I mean term of office, at the In and Out Hash weekend in July.


4Th of July:

4th of July is usually celebrated by a gathering of hashers and a short run at the Freedomfest.  Independence Day can also easily celebrated by a Red, White and Blue Hash (everybody dressed as obnoxiously patriotic as possible.)

In and Out:

In and Out is a long weekend (Fri-Sun) hash event scheduled in July for MM changeover.  The past few years it has been a dry run camping weekend for us to work out the kinks in our End of Summer Bash plans.  Normally, a run or BBQ on Friday night, three runs on Saturday (1st by old MM, then by new MM, and then a midnight naked run,) and finishing with a Hangover Hash on Sunday.  We have been using the lake at Bostalsee for this but if you find a better place, by all means use it!


End of Summer Bash:

This is our chance to host an interhash event.  It’s a long hash weekend with the same schedule of runs as the In and Out.  We have been using camp grounds with cabins at Lake Bostalsee.  Try not to get Polizei called on you!  Order plenty of beer and get the registration forms out to all of Europe early.  Goody bags from us are usually better than anyone else’s.  Be creative and show the rest of the hashing world that we’re the place to come to if you’re looking for a good time. 😉

We’re usually recovering from End of Summer most of this month.


Bad Durkheim Wine Festival:

You fortunate hashers are living in PRIME GERMAN WINE COUNTRY.  We normally make our longest trek as a hash to this fest every year.  This is not a normal run, more of a loosely organized tent crawl sampling as much wine as the lovely winemakers of Germany are willing to let us try.  Take the train so you don’t have to drive.



Nearest Hash Saturday (or an extra on/near Halloween night) is when the Halloween hash is held.  Everyone should be in costume, expect scares along trail, and conclude with one HELL of an on-after bash nearby.


Thanksgiving Turkey Trot:

A turkey trot run is usually held on Turkey day.  Our hash is one big family!  This should be a family event, with a short trail, a huge pot luck feast, followed by some hash football.  It doesn’t have to be held on the actual Thanksgiving Day, but doing so gives most of us a chance to spend it with the closest family we have over here in Germany.


12 Down Downs:

On this run, the hares provide 12 shot stops along trail.  Traditionally start off with beer on the first, gluwein on the second, whatever the hares want on 3-11 and ending it all with a shot of Ta-kill-ya (tequila.)  A goody gift is also normally given.  This tradition was started by Golden Flow who brought it from a Kennel he previously ran with.  It is rapidly becoming well known throughout Europe so be prepared for lots of visitors, advertise it as much as possible, and keep the trail EASY!  (GM, be prepared for the circle to be very short if not non-existent due to everyone being sloshed out of their gourds.)  Also, it’s a good idea to make sure crash space and DD’s are available for anyone who needs them.

Merry Hashmas Hash:

This tradition was started by CLAUS (that’s me…go figure with a name like mine huh?)  This is another family event.  It’s a relatively short trail with the hares dressed in Santa, Mrs. Claus, or Elf costumes (well that’s what I made my helpers do) with a secret Santa exchange and pot luck after circle.  Make sure the gifts are hasher appropriate, which means not appropriate gifts for anyone but a hasher.  Provide plenty of spiked eggnog.  Lots of mistletoe is also a great idea.

Full Moons:

In addition to running every other Saturday and most holidays, Sembach runs every full moon, on the night of the full moon, even if it’s a school night.  Don’t let anyone try to change the phase of the moon to please themselves or the pack…it just doesn’t turn out pretty.  Make sure to bring a flashlight on trail so you can see the bare buns in front of you at the Full Moon Naughty Checks.

Summer and Winter Solstices/Spring and Fall Equinoxes:

We are not just a Judeo-Christian Hash, we celebrate everyone’s holidays.  It gives us more opportunity to drink beer.  Not to mention the fact that pagan holidays give us an excuse to lose clothing.


Mystery Hashes:

A mystery hash is when there is no designated hare.  Play spin-the-bottle to pick the first hare.  They get a 5 min head start and run till they get caught or 10 minutes, whichever comes first.  The first person to catch them or get to them when they stop after 10 min is the next hare.  They only get 3 minutes headstart after that.  Try to end it A to A after about 1 and a half hours.