A Drinking club with a running problem

Author: Julian Buhl (Page 1 of 11)

Who: Double Dickhead & Q

When: Saturday 28th of August, meeting time is 14:00, Hares away is 14:30

Where: Erzenhausen, Oberer Flur 19

Once again it’s time to grab your Kilt, grab your beer and join me in yet another kilted run through my hometown.

There will be uphill, downhill, beer stops, adventure quests and much more.

Meeting place will be at the dirt lot just outside of town this year.

Who: Sweet T

When: Saturday 14th of August, meeting time is 1400, Hares away is 1430

Where: Gelterswoog Parking Lot

Our good friend Desert Queen just moved to Europe from Singapore, so we’re going to show her some awesome SH3 castles and scenery and shit. The trail starts at the north end of the big Gelterswoog parking lot (Google pin below). The trail is A to A, turkey and eagle options, ranging from 4-8 km depending on the adventure you choose. Along the way there will be Adventure Quests, Beer Stops, trees, shrubs, and flowers!When: meet up 1400, hare away 1430

Bring: 5€ hash cash, a thirst for beer, and a friend!Google Pin to Start

On on, Sweet Transvestite

Who: Never fucked

When: Saturday 24th of July, meeting time is 1530, Hares away is 1600

Where: Sauerwiesen 5, Siegelbach

The hare will provide food after trail so bring a side dish.

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