A Drinking club with a running problem

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What: Mi Pho and Soccer Mom’s F#@K off Hash
I’m sad to say Mi Pho and I will be departing this…coughs*, amazing pack of derelicts that are full of life (mostly themselves), debauchery, hope, dreams, trails, and most of all, friends. So, we have planned, and planned, and planned a wonderful trail that all cumming will remember.
***Where: Miesenbach Seewoog, see GPS. We will circle on the otherside of the lake in the open area.
GPS: 49°27’32.6″N 7°33’54.4″E ***
When: 28 July 2018 @ 1600
Bring: $5 or 5 Euro, sense of adventure, spare liver (you’ll need it), extra clothes, and most importantly yourselves. Oh, don’t forget the virgins. As you may know, we love virgins…mmmm
On After: Somewhere TBD

What: 2nd Anal Erzenhausen Kilt Run. I have come up with a completely new trail with no uphill but a couple of drinking stops.

When: 16:00/4 pm, Saturday, July 14th

Where: Erzenhausen, In der Klamm 2
Use this adress for your GPS and park close by then walk up the hill with the war monument to the sports ground

Who: The Hometown Boys Double Dickhead & Quick Sink

Why: It’s time for a triple event of epic proportions.
This time we will celebrate the second installement of the Erzenhausen Kilt Run plus my 30th Birthday and it’s time for Hash Erections.

Bring: 5€/5$, your kilt since it’s kilt run, your thirst for beer, shigyy socks, a flash light (maybe you’ll need it this time)

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Hash #996

Hares: Teachers Pet

What: Anal Summer Solstice Hash

When: 1900 (7pm wanks) 21 June 2018 ***Thursday***

Bring: Virgins, $5 or 5 Euro hash cash, *unning apparel and your thirst for beer. Don’t forget to bring your low expectations.

Where: Austraße 23, 66887 Jettenbach, Deutschland
GPS: 449°31’46.5″N 7°33’53.0″E

How: Car pool, walk, run, horseback

Hash #984
Hares: Tequila Sundown and Mi Pho Horny
What: Two Girls One Trail Hash
When: 1600 (4pm wanks) 2 June 2018
Bring: Virgins, $5 or 5 Euro hash cash, a change clothing for on after, *unning apparel and your thirst for beer. Don’t forget to bring your low expectations.
Special distructions: Bring extra cash for Cycle For STEM jello shots and impromptu beer stop.
Where: ***Location Change***Sensmannswiesen, Weilerbach (between the two circles)
GPS: 49.486253, 7.637682
How: Car pool, walk, run, horseback.

When:; 19 May 2018 @ 1600

Where: Von-Richthofen-Straße 11, 66849 Landstuhl (Big Parking Lot)

GPS: 49.4133751,7.5697595

Bring: $10 or 10 Euro for Beer and Donations & extra Euros (donations) for some delicious red Hurricanes

The God of Sex and sometimes Free Beer(when the beermeister is present) has called upon the Demi Gods and lesser kind to raise virgins for hash sacrifice and visitors to entertain us as we raise money to help Make a Wish (of Sex) for those less fortunate!!

On-Start is the large parking lot located near the Stadthalle of Landstuhl not far from Oscars. (Same place as Putin’s Bloody Mary bar for those that remember) 49.4133751,7.5697595.

So don your red dress and show up to the town that has taken so much dignity from a few of us!

I, the God of Sex and free beer have deemed this trail kid friendly(only on trail), dog friendly, Sex friendly(even if you’re Jack), and Baron friendly(if you like to fuck yourself).

This will be a 10€ trail (5 for beer and 5 for Sex…. I mean charity). Please feel free to donate anything else you desire to make others fantasies…. I mean Wishes come true.

ON-ON to the Red Dress .Un.

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