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Sembach’s 25th Analversary The Gods Must Be Crazy

When: 20 July 2024/1400

Where: Ohmbachsee

Followed by the Ohmbachseefest!

Normal Hash protocol plus whatever crazy things the Gods can dream up!

You will have to pay for your own entrance into the fest.

Tickets in advance are cheaper!Note the 1400 Start Time!

GPS: 49°25’02.2″N 7°24’22.7″E

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro hash cash. Thirst for beer, trail and on after Lake Festival party vibes.

What: Sembach Hash Trail #1213 “Red, white, and booze invasion”
Hares: out of towners invading (Cuban and company)
When: 6th July @1600
Where: In the vicinity of the Stellwerkmuseum Otterbach (A to A trail)

Why: To celebrate the freedom to drink Internationally ‘merica
Shiggy level: 6.9
Distance: a mystery (let’s see how lost we get)
Wear your most flashy ‘merica attire / silkies aka ranger panties encouraged

On After: tentative/open to suggestions: Alex Lounge Sport bar (https://maps.app.goo.gl/gjmKEvr6kbGaXPDMA)

What: Sembach Hash Trail 1211 – Summer Solstice: Teacher’s Pet’s 24th Anal Summer Solstice Hash

Hare(s): Teacher’s Pet

Where: Erdesbach Spielplatz

GPS: 49.5754300, 7.4442373

When: 20 June 2024 @1800/6pm

Why: What else? It’s summer – bring your sexy belly buttons

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro Hash Cash

Special Destructions: Shiggy socks and thirst for beer

What: Sembach Hash Trail #1210 – Emergency’s F*off

Hare(s): Emergency Entrance

When: 15 June @1500/3pm

Where: Ktown close to the stadium.
It’s corner Kantstrasse and Im Stadtwald.

GPS: 49°25’40.6″N 7°46’28.9″E

See y’all Saturday!

What: Sembach H³ Hash Trail 1209 – Dinner Date’s Heavy Petting Zoo
Hare: Deepthroat Dinner Date
Where: Rosenhofstraße 87, 67677 Enkenbach-Alsenborn (see comments for parking)
When: 1 June 2024, 2:69 PM
Why: It’s summer and it’s Saturday and Saturday is for hashing.
5€ or $5
hash attire (emphasis on socks (foreshadow?))
Special Destructions: Trail is short, flat, & shiggy free, not responsible if you disagree with the description. There will be walker/runner routes. parking will be across the street. Planning on an on-after at an Italian place around the corner, need a headcount for the reservation. Trail is dog friendly, have a leash for sections in town. Depending on the weather, the restaurant has outdoor seating.
Hareline: 015114950798

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