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Sembach Hash 1159 – 42oz’s & DD

What: Sembach Trail – 42 oz’s and Double Dckhead
When: 25 Mar 2023 @1500/3pm

New meet up spot! 15:00

Erbsenberg 3, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Why: Today is Saturday and Saturday is a hashing day.
Description of Trail:
Special Destructions: It’s getting warmer, but it’s Germany, so dress in layers, bring your thirst for trail and your hunger for beer. Well, something of the sorts

What: Sembach Winter wine Walk hash

Where: Freinsheim Vineyard’s

When: 27 January 2018

How: By train, current train will depart Kaiserslautern @1058 to get us there by 1212! Optionally the 1041 Train from Landstuhl will put you into Kaiserslautern @1054 to catch the 1058.

Be at either train station at least 14 Min early so we can book group tickets!!!

Bring: Virgins, warm clothes, thirst for red wine, and of course fare for the train. Dress according to the weather it can be really cold out their this time of year.

Costs: The hash is going cheap on this one, its pay for your own 🙂 this way we can give the Beirmeisters and On-Sex a bit of a break!

Sembach Full Moon Hash 9 Aug

WHO: Harry Potter

WHEN: Monday, 9 Aug at 1900

WHY: Because it’s a partial lunar eclipse!


Because I like suspense, I’m finally sharing start with you guys! Full Moon Tonight starts at Untere Eisenbahnstrasse 4 66849 LANDSTUHL 49.416544, 7.564935 (The lot area behind the train station!) Bring your moon hats so you don’t get moon burn!!!


WHO: The majestic LEG-O
WHERE: It’s at the lake in Waldmohr! If you don’t know where that is… Then it’s here… 49.386894, 7.353775
WHY: Because it’s a full strawberry moon!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: It’s a lake! Bring a swim suit or a speedo! Or nothing at all! The on after could be in the water. If there is enough interest we can do a swim hash! Follow trail by following the flour on the lily pads! �
All joking aside. Bring your limber running legs, your freshly waxed belly buttons, your thirst for shitty American beer and your desire to run wild with the full moon! It’s time to let out your inner Remus Lupin and revert to your basic instant, Sharon Stone style.


hareraiser note: whats a lupin

11 Apr Sembach Full Moon

What: Pink Full Moon Hash
When: Tuesday 11 April at 1900
Where: Mackenbach 49.471455, 7.574466
Trail: A to A
Hare: Takes 3
D’erections: From A6
1. Take exit 14-Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof toward Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof
2. Head towards East gate of Ramstein
3. Go past the East gate and at the traffic circle take the 1st exit towards weilerbach
4. Go about 2km at the next traffic circle take the 3rd exit towards Mackenbach
5. Stay on the priority road through M’bach
6. As you leave M’bach you will come to another traffic circle, take the 3rd exit towards the woods
7. If you get to Miesenbach turn around and go back
What: Wear something pink to celebrate the full moon. Bring your hash cash, your virgins, flashlights, anti-tick and anti-stinging nettle stuff and your joie de vive.
Why: Cuz Takes 3 has been hashing with Sembach for 7 years!!! And wine the hell not!
Disclaimer: No guarantee the moon will be pink!!!!

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