A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: January 2015

Sembach Hash 821

ktwonsoccerWhat: The Hash

Time: 1400 (2pm)

Bring: Your clothes, no one wants to see your damn pecker…well maybe some boobs, but wait for trail. Honestly,a quench for beer, some money, running clothes, and maybe a change if the weather turns for the worst.

How: You cum bearing virgins, your desire to complete the most dastardly trail conceived by one unscrupulous hare, to finally quench ones thirst for beer!!!

Where: In Pat Bonetar back yard of course:

Carl-Euler-Stra├če 26
67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany
49.431856, 7.751157

Sembach Hash 820 and On Out

On O1242808162896081904Student_sign_warning.svg.med
Hares: Gay-Ho, DTR, and Penis makes kids cry

What else do you people need to know?
Who: You wankers
What: Pub crawl
When: 17 Jan starting at 1400 (Thats right…we are going to be day drunk!)
Where: Starting at the K-town train station…not Kusel town!!!
Why: Do we need a reason?
See you wankers there…or not…who cares!

Sembach Hash (__|__) Full Moon 819

greeting cards full moon


Who: Hashers, snowmen and snowwomen Etc..
What: Sembach H3 Full Moon
When: 7:00 pm or 1900
Where: Erzenhausen. At 49.501880, 7.622342. Parking lot on the side.
Hare: Drink Her Pretty

Make sure when going up the hill to take friendhofstra├če and not to take Rringstra├če the whole way up. It’s might be too steep and Icy for some, friendhofstra├če is much safer.

Bring: a Flash Light, its night time…

Sembach Hash 818


Happy New Year I have such a bad hangover from last year Hash!!!Why not start the New Year with a mystery hare hash in Weilerbach, after we can enjoy some of the best brews available after end circle!!!

When: 03 Jan, 2015 @ 1400 hrs

Bring: Cold weather gear, rain gear, shoes, change of clothes, a thirst for Beer and other beverages to be consumed.

Where: Danzingerstra├če 10, 67685 Weilerbach

Why: It is a new year and it is time for all of us to start it off with a well known Sembach tradition. The hash of course. The best known secret for getting rid of that annoying hangover.

How: Find a ride, walk, run, take a bus, taxi.

Where: Danzingerstra├če 10, 67685 Weilerbach