A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: April 2015


Pirmasens Str  
Obernheim-Kirchenarnbach 66919
Directions from Ramstein and Landstuhl: (WARNING: Best to follow the directions below, a GPS will get you lost)
From A6, take A62 south (towards Pirmasens)
Just past Landstuhl, you will go through a tunnel
Take First exit (Bann)
At the end of the ramp, turn Right towards Obernarnbach
Take first Left towards Obernarnbach (this road has many names, K63, K20, Landstuhler Strasse, Pirmansenser Strasse, so don’t worry)
You will pass through the following towns – Obernarnbach, Obernheim-Kirchenarnbach
As you leave Kirchenarnbach, look for a sportsplatz/soccer field to your Right (about 100m out of town)
If you see a sign for Neumuhle, you have gone too far, you may want to turn around at this point…
Other information:
Prize for Best Daisy Dukes!!
This is an A to B hash, there will be a car for bags at the sportsplatz
Trails are NOT stroller friendly
There will be an Eagle trail and a Turkey trail
What to bring
$ or Euros to pay off the hash cash
change of clothes
dry shoes
include towel to wipe off the inevitable shiggy
folding chair for Long circle activities afterwards
ON-AFTER POT-LUCK EVENT! BRING YOUR BEST REDNECK LEFTOVERS! Cheap American beer included in the price of entry!!
Sauna contest at On-After!
We have floor space for those who want to crash overnight

Sembach Easter Beer Hunt Hash

1163_beer_hunter_lt_blue_t_shirt_grandeWhat:  The Sembach Easter Egg Hunt and Preview of EOS Games
When:  Saturday, April 11th, 2015  4:00pm, with Special Events starting at 2:00pm
Where: Sembach, at the Abandoned AF Base off of Zeplinstrasse

GPS: 49.508889, 7.858523
Trail:  A – A
Hares:  Biscut Bitch and Daddy’s Donkey Whore, with Special Events sponsored by Message in my Butthole
Featuring: More Beer, New(er) Trails, Easter Eggs, and a special preview of the End of Summer Hash O’Limp Dicks courtesy of MIMB. FREE BEER  will be provided to all participants beginning at 2:00pm. Please bring your friends and neighbors to help us try out/demonstrate different events.
D’erections:  From Ramstein, take the A6 towards Manheim. Exit the A6 for A63 towards Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, taking the Sembach exit, the first exit off of the A63. Do NOT (Yeast!) follow any of the yellow signs or arrows pointing towards the town of Sembach. Instead, stay on this road as it winds and goes up the hill, making sure to keep the water tower on your right. cross over (2nd exit) the traffic circle. You’ll end up in what is now an industrial area on Zeplinstrasse. Look for cars and hashers on the right-hand side.
Hareline: 0176 – 9907 – 1694