A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: June 2015

Sembach Full Moon (__|__) *un #841

clouds-full-moon-851x315Hares: High Five when I Cum

Hare: High Five when I cum

When: 02 July 15 – 1900 (7pm wanks)

Where: Gertweiler 9 niedermohr. It is train accessible abd parking is limited.

What: Full Moon Hash – It’s time for Sembachers to get together and enjoy the long nights and short trails.

There will be crash space but that’s it no beds or blankets as my stuff as shipped.

Also if you would like to bring food we will be grilling out at some point…probably

Sembach Hash Mismanagement Errections and Taco’s Pub Crawl 06 June 15

eat and drink

LAST MINUTE CHANGE!!! (well, not exactly LAST MINUTE, but pretty darn close.)

It was decided to move the Erections to a new, more stroller and train/access friendly (?) spot. So:

NEW, NEW, NEW S-Tart location: AZUR POOL parking lot (same side of the street but at the end near the Schule) in Ramstein-Miesenbach!

NEW, NEW, NEW S-Tart Time: We will start at 1400 to accomodate Longevity, (which apparently can’t wait like everyone else’s recently) aaaannnndddd ERECTIONS!!!! Oh, and Tacos’ On Out pub crawl afterward.

NEW, NEW, NEW S-Tart D’Erections: By train from all D’Erections, get off the train at the RAMSTEIN stop. Walk to the inter-SEX-tion with a stop light and look back at the train station (or the Paradox bar for you true drunkards) and take the strasse to the RIGHT. Amble on up to the Ramsteiner Hof Hotel/restaurant and turn RIGHT. Follow this strasse up the hill and to the end where it cums to a “T”, turn RIGHT on the secondary road (NOT the main road with the fast cars that will kill you). In front of you is the parking lot you are looking for, now find Hashers.

NEW, NEW, NEW S-Tart D’Erections: By the Auto-Wanking: A6 D’Erection everywhere; take the Ramstein Exit #13. At the end of the off ramp turn NORTH at the light (AWAY FROM LANDSTUHL for all the drunkards). at the first round-a-bout take the FIRST exit (RIGHT) out of the circle. At the next round-a-bout take the SECOND exit (STRAIGHT thru) out of the circle. After the pedestrian overpass (for the Azur pool mind you) take the FIRST LEFT. Take an immediate LEFT AGAIN. In front of you is the parking lot you are looking for, now find Hashers.

Why: (Do we care so much?) Because it is ERECTIONS!!! It wouldn’t be Sembach without ERECTIONS!!! (Just ask the other European Kennels). Cum out and Erect your MisManagement for the next 12 (or so) Months! And YES you have to be present to vote. UNLESS you are away for work and have a previously approved excuse signed by two of the three people on the International Space Station (sorry, original copies only).

Who: You, other Sembach Hashers, Virgins, Visitors (we like Visitors and Virgins), and that about sums it up really.

What: (The hell is happening here?) ERECTIONS!!! are cumming, ERECTIONS!!! are cumming! What’s that word women use ALOT to describe the stuff they want men to do to them in order to get them all hot and bothered before sex so that maybe they too will get off instead of just getting nutted on and have to take a shower? Meh, who cares!! Any-who, there will be a shorty trail to the scene of the ERECTIONS!!! Where there will be ERECTIONS!!! Followed by (or in concurrence with) the Ramstein WEIN MARKT!!! So bring Money!! There will also be longevity, muuuch rejoicing, wine, regrets, music (band starts at 1700). And to end it all in typical Sembach H3 style…an On-Out pub crawl for Tacos on a Bridge, most likely in Landstuhl.

Executive Summary: Bring alot of cash for bribes, drink, food, and transportation. NEW time is 1400, NEW location is Azur Pool in Ramstein-Miesenbach. Only Sembach Hashers who are at the Erections can vote unless away for work. Wine Markt, band, and On-Oiut for Tacos for your entertainment.

Schernauer Str. 50
66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

49.445852, 7.569679

Sembach Hash MisManagement Change Over – *un #840, 841, 842


stopped pretendingThose who dare join the *unning of the Sembach Hash and Mismanagement Change-over!!!!

Hares: Old Mismanagement, New & Old Mismanagement, New Mismanagement

Who: You wanks and wanketts that wish to choose the next mismanagement.

What: Mostly flat, shiggy free trail, and of course a Sembach Circle. What more could you want?

When: 20 June, 2015 @ 1600 hrs (Normal summer start time).

BRING: It is important that you bring extra gear, maybe wear board shorts or bikini (the guys can wear em too, no judgement here). After all the hash begins and ends on lake front property…you are welcome.

Where: At Lake Motschweiher in Waldmohr.
Zur Mohrmühle 2
66914 Waldmohr, Germany
GPS Cords:49.386871, 7.352875

Why: Cause we said so!!!

How: Find a ride, walk, run, take a bus, taxi, swim, or rowboat.

Car – Heading out from the Kaiserslautern area, hop on the A6 towards Saarbrucken, take the exit for Waldmohr, the second one not the Gas station exit. Once off the Autobahn take the first left towards Waldmohr and head towards the town. At about 500m you will see signs for a lake and parking on your right, take that right. Head about 800m into the park riding along the lake until you reach a parking area just before the road ends.