A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: August 2015

Sembach Hash – 849 Full Moon/Sat Hash

daytime full moon

Almost there folks, we have nearly reached 850, lets not pass up the opportunity to make history and spread our hash love and joy all over the place.

Hares: Lost 4 days & Soccer Mom Tom Tom

near Hutschmühle
66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg

This is the southwest parking lot at Ohmbachsee.

GPS: 49.415477, 7.391731

When: 29 Aug 2015 – 1600 (4pm wankers)

How: However you can. I’m not your mom. Be an adult for once and figure it out.

Crash Space Available: Bring sleeping bag and what not.

Bring Hash Cash for Trail!!!!

On After: Seestube Restuarant

Sembach Hash #848 – Wittlich Pig Fest

pig fest 484

Hares: Message in my Butthole

Where: Wittlich Pig Fest parking area
N49*59.121′ E6*52.932
Himmeroder Straße 82 Wittlich
(Beside the park)

When: Saturday 15 August @1300 hares away @ 1400

Bring: Euro for Hash Cash and Pig Fest

What: Anal Wittlich Pig Fest Sembach invasion, get all the bacon, pork, feet, fat back, whatever. It happens every year and our dear RA will be hosting this glorious event abroad in a faraway land about an hour north of here.

How: Car Pool – Meet at Landstuhl Parking lot around 1200 – time subject to change.

Hotels: Hotel Well (closest), Hotel Wittlicher (very close), Hotel Lindenhof (walking distance),
Hotel Rotenberg (walking distance),
Waldhotel Sonnora (furthest)

New parking site and circle site.

Where: Wittlich Pig Fest parking area
N49*59.121′ E6*52.932
Himmeroder Straße 82 Wittlich
(Beside the park)

Nicholas Shonk's photo.


Hares Needed


We Need HARES!!!! Contact Sembach Hash via Yahoo Group or Facebook – Soccer Mom Tom Tom

15 Aug – MIMB
29 Sep – Lost 4 days & Soccer Mom Tom Tom
11-13  Sep – EOS
19 Sep – Bad D’ – Hare Needed
23 Sep – Autumnal Equinox – Hare Needed
26 Sep – Hare Needed
28 Sep – Full moon – Hare Needed
10 Oct – Hare Needed
24 Oct – Cunt Dracula & Soccer Mom Tom Tom
27 Oct – Super Full moon – Hare Needed
31 Oct – HashOween – Hare/Host Needed
7 Nov – Hare Needed
21 Nov – Hare Needed
25 Nov – Full Moon – Hare Needed
28 Nov – Turkey Trot – Takes 3 (maybe)
5 Dec – Toys for Tots? – Hare Needed
19 Dec- 12 Down Downs (drink sponsors needed)
22 Dec – Winter Solstice – Hare Needed (TP??)
26 Dec – Full Moon – Hare Needed