A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: September 2015

Sembach Full Moon (___|___) Hash Monday Sept 28 2015


full moon

On MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY, a Super-Badass Blood moon will happening above us so…hashing. found a big spot on a hill to view the cosmic event from near the spooky Aussichtsturm Eulenkopf in Eulenbis

What: Hashers hashing Full Blood Moon Super
Hare: Drink Her Pretty
Time: 7PM
Where: 49.506580, 7.631111
Trail: Will have some shaggy but its short enough to walk if you want and 1 beer stop.

Special Distructions: Start is on top of a hill. Bring a jacket and a head lamp because the woods get dark at night.

i will probably bring some chips and salsa or hummus or something if ppl get munchies after trail.


Sembach Hash 857 – Saturday 26 Sept


Sembach Hash 857 – Saturday 26 Sept 2015

Hares: Mystery

What: First Saturday Hash after Autumnal Equinox.

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro hash cash, virgins that taste like beer and your thirst for Trail.

Where: Hohenecken, Kaiserslautern

D’rections: Cuming from Opel Cicrle head down 270 South between Vogelweh Housing and Kapuan AB. Once you enter Hohenecken take the first left at Landolfstr. and follow the road to the intersection. Take another left head about 50 meters up and take the first right into the dirt parking lot.

GPS: 49.420451, 7.708964

Time: 1400 (2pm) Time change due to Sembach Hash 856 – Autumnal Equinox

On-After: Sushi Dino Perhaps

Sembach Hash Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt

run ecard spill wineCome one, Cum all

As is tradition Sembach must once again rain down upon the Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt (Wine Fest)

This is a premier event for all to join, the largest Wine Fest Germany has ever conceived. This is not your typical Saturday Hash…Ney, tis an invasion to enjoy the fruits of German Grape Harvest. As is tradition Sembach must once again rain down upon the Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt (Wine Fest)

Your hare from hell has something to say:
Due to complaints from Mismanagement,
I’m pushing start times back a few minutes. Meeting time are still the same, just train times have changed!

When: 19 September 2015

Where: Bad Dürkheim

How: Probably by train

Bring: Euro, no hash cash collection

Wear: Put on your Hash Hosen/Dirndl

Hare: Beer Bra

Train departing Landstuhl:

Train departing K-town:

Changing trains in Neustadt:
13:25 (we have 6min to change)

Train arriving in Bad Drunkheim:

When we arrive in Bad D, meet at fountain in front Bahnhof!

Trail to the biggest drunk Fest will start around 14:30!!!

And like I’ve said before: Harriets in Lederhosen, Harriers in Dirndl!!! That is a direct order 😉

PS: I’m not in charge of getting your drunk asses back to K-Town!

If you are planning on showing up earlier or not taking the train you can meet up near the train station at the fountain. Circle will start at 1430.