A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: November 2015

Sembach Full Moon (___|___) Hash #865

 full moon
Hares: BHN
When: 1900 25 Nov 15
Time: 1900
Where: Kaiserslautern HBF (Train Station)
What: Short trail so you kids can get ready for Turkey Day.
Special Destructions?!?: Some “running shoes” cause I am super fast! A Flashlight, unless your Glove he will have a fleshlight! A thirst for some nectar! AND bring some money for an On-After at Kaiserslautern Weihnachtsmarkt

Sembach Hash 860ish



Hares: Anything Butt Tastes Like Chicken a message in my butthole

When: Saturday at 2:00pm  · 38°F / 30°F Snow

Where: Welvertstraße 2, sankt wendl

Welvertstrasse 2, 66606 Sankt Wendel (Wendelinuspark)
carpool or possibly take a train. There is a train station close by.

Time: 1400

Bring Virgins you wankers

On-after – We will first have Thai at that restaurant near McDonalds in Landstuhl, Then Oscars For some billiards.

12 Down Downs and Toys for Tots 2015

sembach logo final

Okay – if you are receiving this you are registered for the 12 Down Downs.  We still have 7 seats left on the bus, so tell a friend.  They are not rego’d until they hear from me or Coitus.  However, give a call if you know somebody who wants to join at the last minute there still could be seats.

Here are the 5 Ws of the 12 DDs and Toys for Tots!

Who – All you great hashers that are cumming!

What – 12 Downs Downs of HASHMAS and Toy for Tots!!!!

When – 1300 (1pm) S H A R P!!! This is not a time to be late. (Nice Boy and Engine Fucker arrive at 1230). If you miss the bus, you will have to find your own way to the trail.

Where – Landstuhl Bahnhof – if you are driving and leaving your car, go the back of the station at the end of Untere Eisenbahnstrasse.

Why – To be merry, have drinks, sing hashmas songs and gather toys for tots that need a little help this year!! Remember there will be 12 shots of goodness, so it is recommended that you don’t go too crazy before this starts and EAT LUNCH!!!!

ATTENTION – We are taking a bus ride to a T R A I L!!! This a walking trail with shot stops, but it is a trail (yes there really we’ll be walking – this is not a joke).

What to B R I N G!

1. 25 Euro if you haven’t paid already

2. A vessel (shot glass or cuska) and your thirst for tasty beverages

3. Money for snacks and other things after trail

4. Warm clothes and warm shoes for walking the trail

5. Your toy if you are donating a toy or cash to buy toys (if you haven’t done so already)

6. A lighting device

We will taking a bus ride back to Landstuhl around 1930 so we have time to enjoy the Wild Christmas Market in the woods.


Sembach Away – BAHHH

devils canyonIt has been decided as an Away Hash at BAHHH in Irrel.

Hares: Message In My Butthole & Anything Butt

Time: 1400
When: 07 November 2015
How: By Car, not public transit as far as I know
Where: Teufelschlucht Irrel – Ferschweilerstraße 50, 54668 Ernzen

GPS for Wittlich Park – N49*59.121′ E6*52.932
If you want to car pool to the Devil’s Caynon (Teufelschlucht), We will meet up and convoy to the on start from the Wittlich Park large parking lot (same as pig fest). If you wan to meet us at the on start, I will have the location here very soon.

On after will be at a place that has beer for sure, I just don’t know where just yet.

All Sembacher’s attending we can meet in Lanstuhl at 12pm and try to car pool up there. Let’s meet in the large parking lot close to Oscars. If we meetup a little earlier we can squeeze in a beer or two. See you there.