A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: November 2018

Who: PIMP & Hoover Damn

What: Please joint Hoover DAAMN & PIMP for Sembach’s 2018 Anal Turkey Trot! Turkey & Ham provided, but you wanks need to provide the sides. We will begin around 1230ish, have a short, shiggy free trail down to the field and play some American-style football. That will be followed up by festivities of food and beverages of choice!
Kid and fur babies friendly

When: Saturday, 24th of November 2018, 1230

Where: Hebelstrasse 22, 66879, Niederstaufenbach

Who: Man hoarder and Double Dickhead

What: Come out to this full moon trail – I promise, it’s gonna be the best full moon trail we will have this month!
You don’t want to show up sober to our anal Turkey trot on Saturday? Perfect, we’ve got you!!

When: Friday, 23rd of November 2018, 1830

Where: Kaiserslautern, Lilienstraße, on the grass right next to the police station (no cop-us, no catch-us!!), so close to the train station 🙂

Bring: cash, virgins, moon spray (of course!), thirst for beer and your flesh lights (ladies, be creative here…)
And money – we might end up in a bar or pub 😉
It’s gonna be an A to B trail!!


What: Welcum welcum welcum you wankers to this gaaayyy ass trail. We are going up and more up with plenty of shiggy too. lol. It’s going to be a party though. Glitter and rainbows everywhere. A to A? Not dog friendly. But who am I to tell you what your doggo can do so you make your own decisions

When: Saturday November 15th, 2pm(1400)

Where: Altenglan Train Station

Why: GAAAYYY‘s B-Day

Once upon a time, 2 wild and crazy guys ran amok in the streets and woods of the Greater Weilerbach community. Rumors have it these 2 “heathens” disappeared only to live honest and respectful non-hashing lives.


For a limited time only, The BOOZE BROTHERS, will come out of retirement and show you young punks how to lay an appropriate inappropriate Sembach trail!

What: Trail hared by All Thrust No Vector and But His Nut
When: 3 Nov 2018 @1400
Where: Sportstraße 6, 67688 Rodenbach
The HUGE parking lot across the street from the above mentioned address
Why: Because we lay, I said lay, GREAT trails! Don’t believe me?!? It’s because you are too new to this school!
How: The trail will be very flat and almost certainly 100% dry! Trust me, I’m the hare and I know these things!

Bonus!!! Better Laid has secured a venue for an EPIC On-After! Why+++ Because we are Sembach and On-Afters are one of the things that made us so LEGENDARY!!!!!

Questions? Ear, Beer…Rear! Now be there or forever be square!