A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: June 2019

Who: Biscuit Bitch

When: Saturday 29th of June, 16:00/4pm

Where: Sembach Zeppelinstraße

A6 to A63. Exit (OK, Ausfart!) Sembach. Wind up the hill passing the signs for the town. Go “over” the traffic circle (2nd Exit) Sembach Zufart West. When you get to all of the blue signs, turn right. Drive slowly down Zeplinstrasse keeping the control tower on your left and the water tower on your right. Look for Biscut. Parking will be near or maybe exactly where Sweet T was last month


Who: Man Hoarder & Double Dickhead

When: Monday 17th of June, 19:00/7pm

Where: Hauptbahnhof Kaiserslautern

Cum out this Monday and enjoy the full moon with us! We will start close to the kaiserslautern hauptbahnhof – just find parking somewhere in Bahnhofstraße (the longtimers know what I’m talking about). Parking will even be free from 1900 on 🙂 this will be an A-A trail.

What to bring: virgins, 5€/$ hash cash, thirst for beer and the tasty AQ that will be awaiting you, maybe a fleshlight and your beautiful faces!

Who: Ausfahrt and Putin my Sister
Trail is A to A

When: Saturday 15th of June, 16:00/4pm

Where: Bremerhof Kaiserslautern

Bring BUG SPRAY and wear Shiggy Socks!
Bring Virgins! Bring Virgins!
I wanna pop your cherry the way that Vader Bator popped mine one year ago on this day! (I love you Hash Mommy!)
Here I am, a year later haring this trail to share my Hashy memories with all you wanks! MIMB and Anything Butt hared this trail last year and holy shit, I will NEVER forget it! I obviously keep cumming back for more!

Where the Fuck is Superman? He better be at this trail so I can fart on him again! 😘

On-On, ya fucking fucks!
– Ausfahrt 🏃‍♀️💨💩🍻

Who: Biscut Bitch

When: Saturday 1st of June, 16:00/4pm

Where: Mehrzweckhalle, Haupstrasse 10, Krickenbach

A-A Trail, On-After at the Hash Mansion, Ringstrasse 11, Krickenbach – please bring some food and drink to share. Dog friendly trail and On-After.