A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: September 2023

What: Sembach Trail 1169 – Don’t wine about another fest
When: 23 Sep 2023 @1400/2pm
Where: Neustadt Hauptbahnhof
Why: Saturday is a hashing day!!!!
Description of Trail: Early start 1400 so we can get to the wine fest sooner. Come enjoy a magical trail filled with woodland animals, wine, and maybe a castle. Start is at the Neustadt Hauptbahnhof (or follow marks to a nearby location). On Afters will be at the wine fest. Trail won’t be strollerable and you should bring water.

Arrive by 1400/2pm at Neustadt Hauptbahnhof

What: Sembach Trail 1168 – Bad Drunkheim Sausage Heist

When: 9 Sep 2023 @1345/145pmWhere: Fountain next to Bad D Bahnhof

Why: Saturday is a hashing day!!!!

Description of Trail: Very short, not a run, and if you get lost, find us somewhere in the World’s Largest Sausage Fest!!!

Special Destructions: The train departs Kaiserslautern HBF at 1234! It can’t get any easier! Dawn your hash hosen or your best German Lederhosen/Dirndl. We usually travel as a pack of degenerates to get to the fest early to begin our shenanigans. Bring Euro for the fest. If you are late, or early for that matter don’t stress. It will still be a great time!!!