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    1. soccermomtomtom

      It was a dreary Saturday in Teufelschlucht, which is German for Devils Canyon. The hares and beer meister for this auspicious day where on time arriving exactly at or about 1500ish for the 1400 start. The pack of four waiting as the hares departed with very little instruction or hope. This left the beer hungry *unners time to down a beverage before departure. As we ascended onto trail the waters of the canyon river lulled us into the unfamiliar. The hares of course left us with no option other than to traverse the narrow, unstable, and extremely high bridge above the raging waters below. Anatomically Incorrect Ken was the first to make the dangerous crossing, followed by Dust Balls, Shivey Shivey Bang Bang, and myself Soccer Mom Tom Tom. Not a minute too soon the bridge suddenly collapsed washing into the torrent of water. At that moment we realized there was no turning back. We soon began to climb the stairs leading to what looked to be the tallest mountain in Germany, but alas we had one thing going for us, and it was the almighty Beer Check. Several hours later after averting dangerous creatures of the old world we reached what seemed to be the top of the mountain, only to find our hopes crushed by the tyrant hares. MIMB and Anything But spoke of this beer stop prior and assured us a tasty beverage, but that was simply a hoax for we discovered the established was closed. Once this truth was unveiled we, the pack turned on our hares, chasing them through dangerous obstacles only to have once again lost them in the elusive maze of thorny trees. After we gathered our strength we began the long way to start. The earth below us seemed to change into small canyons, as if the gods themselves were playing tricks on our parched souls. Out of luck the begging of the end was sighted. Finally the pack was able to enjoy their fruits of labor. We toasted “hear yey” and sang songs of joy. Finally the pack was home again.