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Apr 9, 2000The Sembach H3 finds out that it’s not a bastard. Thanks to the efforts of Tumbling Bill the SH3 can now trace it’s roots back to the original Kuala Lumper hash. It goes like this:Sembach H3 ‘born’ 18 July, 1999, comes fromBiloxi H3 ‘born’ 1993, comes from

Gulf Coast H3 ‘born’ 1990, comes from

Okinawa H3 ‘born’ 1979, comes from

Taipei H3 ‘born’ 1973, comes from

Singapore H3 ‘born’ 1962, comes from

Kuala Lumper Hash House Harriers 1938 (thanks Gispert!)

 Original traditions from the minutes of first mismanagement meetingAugust 31, 1999Meeting opened with a beer
In attendance: Yeasty Boy, .Cum, Spawn of Satan, Hercum 10, and just “Ryan”New Business (It’s all new business!)

Hash Schedule

All agreed on every other Saturday at 5:00 PM

couldn’t agree if bi-weekly meant twice a week or every two weeks (open)


Unanimous for awards for FRB, AEC, and Hash Shit

FRB will be a chain (Yeasty Boy), Hash Shit a plunger(.Cum), and AEC a Butt Hat (Hercum 10)


All agreed on 10 (black), 20(blue), 30(orange), 50(white) skull attire, and 69(mug). All others were TBD (open)

It was also agreed to award a bell for 5, 15, and 25


All were in favor of continuing the traditions of our Mother Hash (Biloxi H3) in whole or with slight variation, and those that didn’t like it could kiss our asses. These tradition include:

Live Hares (10 minute head start)

The hash will begin with hares away, welcoming visitors then virgins, singing Father Abraham, and chalk talk

Hares may leave up to 1/4 mile CB or BT (in other words, just because you find 3 or 4 hash in a row doesn’t mean True Trail)

Crimes against the hash

  • New shoes
  • Using one of the two “R” words that end in “ule” or “ace”
  • Nerd names
  • No hash attire (after 1st SH3 hash)
  • No noise making device (after naming)
  • Being competitive
  • Private parties at the circle
  • Smoking in the circle
  • Anything else the hash deems as a violation


All vessels, upon leaving the lips, will be place squarely on the skull. Those who try to cheat by bending their head or body backward, forward, or to the side to avoid being soaked by the holy hash beer will pay for their crime by doing it till they get it right (or pass out.)

No unauthorized skull attire except for ‘scrunchies’ for harriettes. This includes sunglasses, stocking caps, condoms, etc.

New shoes will drink out of shoe of choice (left or right)

69th Down-Down will be upside-down

Departing hashers will drink from shoe of choice with filter of choice


  • Hasher must have at least 5 hashes
  • Under special circumstances it may be 5 or less
  • Two or more named hashers required for a vote. This number will change as the hash grows.


The following positions were agreed on:

  • GM- Yeasty Boy
  • RA- .Cum
  • Haberdasher- Hercum 10
  • Others (i.e. Beer Winch, On=Sec, Hare Raiser, etc.) TBD (open)
  • Missionary- sure it’s o.k., but not all the time

Future Hash

  • The idea was floated for having a Halloween Hash in Frankenstein (open)

Old Business


Mismanagement was closed and drinking practice continued for a couple more hours



Hash Schedule

Will now be at 2:00 pm in the Fall/Winter and 4:00 pm in the Spring/Summer


An engraved Flask will be presented for 100 Hashes with Sembach H3, with their name and “Get A Life”.

The recipient will then be known as a Sembach “Hash God”, with all the special powers commensurate with God status.