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Hares: Deep throat Dinner Date

Where: Rosenhofstraße 10467677 Enkenbach-AlsenbornGermany

GPS: 49°29’25.1″N 7°55’10.1″E

When: 17 Feb 2024 @1400/2pm

Why: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with bondage.

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro Hash Cash

Special Destructions: Trail will be extremely short and flat with nothing special other than that!

Oh no you didn’t!! Oh yes we did!

You say you miss Idar-Oberstein Unconventional (IOU) Hash?!? Well wait no more. The 2 GMs, with some possible surprise hares, of the IOUH3 proudly present Sir Lost A Lot’s 55th Birthday Extravaganza.

Hares: Sir Lost A Lot & Surprise Hares

Where: Erwin-Schrödinger-Straße 52, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Deutschland

Use this GPS: 49.4246934, 7.7566809

When: 3 Feb 2024 @1400/2pm

Why: Sir Lost A Lot’s 55th Birthday Extravaganza Hash Bash

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro Hash Cash

Special Destructions: Trail will be extremely short and flat with nothing special other than that!

It will start and end in KTown, but exact start location is not available at this time.

But there will be a follow on Birthday Party for Lost’s 57th Birthday!

Cum join us for MASS Debauchery!

Hares: Came Too Soon

Where: Weiherstraße 34, 66862 Kindsbach, Germany.

When: 20 Jan 2024 @1400/2pm

Why: It’s Saturday. Saturday is a hashing day!!!

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro Hash CashSpecial

Destructions:- Warmer clothes, there might be snow- Dry clothes, in the event of a polar plunge- Good tread, icy conditions

Sembach Hash House Harriers presents

The 2023rd Sembach 12 Down Downs!

That’s right! This is the 2023rd annual 12 Down Down, these are facts and can not be disputed!

What do you need to know?

Dates: 15-17 December

15 December @1930 Landstuhl HBF,

16 December @1223 Kaiserslautern HBF,

17 December @1100 Neustadt HBF,

What’s Happening?
Is it a Battle of the Bahnhofs?
15 December: Landstuhl Christmas Market plus Pay as you go Pub Crawl! The hash will provide one drink, it might be the first, it might be the 3rd. It’s mysterious, just like us! Hares – Team BetterNut! This is NOT a themed pub crawl, but feel free to be festive and colorful!

16 December: The 12 Down Downs! Meet up with the crazy Sembach Hash and do a trail with us. A few of our great kennel members have volunteered to show us where they live and Booze Us Up! Hare – The One and Only Double Dickhead, leading us to delicious Down Down delights! Followed by the Kaiserslautern Christmas Market!

17 December: Hangover trail, the Neustadt Christmas Market. You said you didn’t have enough markets, well we aim to please! This will be your chance to wear your Santa Suits and Silly Christmas attire! We will take donations for Toys 4 Tots! Hare – Double Dickhead, if he’s alive…if not, I’m sure Coitus will step up!

50 Euro
Payment Information to follow!

Rego –

Hares: Takes Three to make me c*m

Where: Mühlweg 19, Erdesbach

Directions: Get to Altenglan from your location. Then take B420 towards Lauterecken. When you enter Erdesbach take the 1st right, look for the playground on your left in about 150meters.

When: 27 Nov 2023 @1900/7pm

Why: Sembach is resurrecting our Full Moon Trails, so you should go and howl with us at the Moon.

Special Destructions: Bring a headlamp/flash light. $5 or 5 Euro for hash cash.

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