Here’s the details/reminders:

Friday: Prelube in Landstuhl at Oscar’s at 1900
Kaiserstraße 42, 66849 Landstuhl
06371 6123684
It’s buy your own drinks, find your own crash space (Saturday find your own crash space too…)
Saturday is the Down Downs Day, YAY!
Wear Ugly sweaters if you have them!
Don’t forget your *brand new, unwrapped* kid’s toy (up to age 12, no “weapons”) for the Toys for Tots! Bring them to the meet place at the big parking lot outside the Homburg Hbf at 1300-1330/1pm-1:30pm
We will officially start trail at 1400 from Homburg Hbf parking area and end in Kaiserslautern. (***Or use the attached to meet on the Prelube train to the start of 13 Down Downs. -As long as you’ve registered and paid this trip is covered butt must meet us at your stop on this schedule since Easily will have the group tickets.) **There’s 13 drink stops; prelube at your own risk!!!**
There’s a “Who’s Cumming” list posted in the event or check it out here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SwAhLoaVXTOTkDDTahV4RuLvkSmZhvVmXPLH1i29S5U/pubhtml
Haven’t rego’d? Well you missed the gimmies butt we still want you to CUM!  – REGO DEADLINE IS FRIDAY MIDNIGHT IN GERMANY.-
PayPal 15€ to nickshonk@yahoo.com, or hand over to mismanagement (listed as those to blame at bottom of this message) and rego here ->https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ihFaWWPXMwq_IqwBciu01VeIT325gHTJn0ORFkyrQo0/viewform?usp=send_form
And here’s what folks are bringing already for Down Downs ->https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vs4cNQkqui0cyx8yg1VY4Ii3IESPI_LHAsHqZrfhtoY/pubhtml.
If you ordered a 13 Down Downs hoodie, and didn’t coordinate otherwise, your hoodie will be at check in.
On-after – suggestions are on the pamphlet you’ll get at check in butt usually folks stick around K-town or split up as they choose to head back to their towns.
Who to blame/harass with questions??? MIMB, Easily Satisifed, If the Glove Fits – Cum In It, Leg-O My Mom, Gay Ho, Soccer Mom Tom Tom, and M.C. [I bring the Holiday spirit] Pants.


Old News:
This year the 12 Down-down’s committee scrapped the past tradition of twelve DDs for thirteen DDs. this was decided for a few reasons. First because the event is on the 13th December, second is because it’s the thirteenth year (probably not true), third is because I was born with 13 toes and lastly 12 down-downs wasn’t enough for our drunk asses so we added one (there might be another reason but i forgot).

This year the event committee is dedicated to give you the best yuletide activities and holiday merriment.

We are asking for hashers to sponsor a down-down stop on trail (we will have 12 of them for you all to host ☺). If you’re up for it please PM me (MIMB)

Stay tuned for more

Looks like we’re starting in Homburg (1400) and ending in Kaiserslautern (1000)





See who’s coming.