slyron man

This drunkathalon requires the participant to drink 2.4 ounces of hard liquor, 112 ounces of beer and 26.2 ounces of wine (or roughly a bottle) within 17 hours. Drunkathalon starts at 7AM Saturday and must be completed by midnight.

€150 early rego by 6MAR2015 or €175 late rego and shirts are not guaranteed.
This gets you supper Friday night, three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. There will be three choices for your shot of liquor, PBR for the beer and the choice of white or red for your wine. We will also have water, beer and some soda for Friday night, Sunday morning and the non-Slyronman attendees.
We have a hostel with 10 bedrooms, each with bathroom. What to bring:
Your own bed linens and towels.
Drinking vessal
Games to play
Space is limited to 54 hashers.

1800 Registration begins
1900 Dinner – Chili
2000 Best skit gets a surprise
0000 Midnight naked run – pending hare
0700 Breakfast – Egg Casserole
1000 Trail – You must do the trail to get your bottle of wine
1200 Lunch – Taco Bar
1800 Supper – Pasta Bar
Games all afternoon and into the night with prizes including:
Best hasher impression (not of you, you wanker)
0700 Breakfast – European Breakfast (buns, cold cuts, cheese)