What: Sembach Winter wine Walk hash

Where: Freinsheim Vineyard’s

When: 27 January 2018

How: By train, current train will depart Kaiserslautern @1058 to get us there by 1212! Optionally the 1041 Train from Landstuhl will put you into Kaiserslautern @1054 to catch the 1058.

Be at either train station at least 14 Min early so we can book group tickets!!!

Bring: Virgins, warm clothes, thirst for red wine, and of course fare for the train. Dress according to the weather it can be really cold out their this time of year.

Costs: The hash is going cheap on this one, its pay for your own 🙂 this way we can give the Beirmeisters and On-Sex a bit of a break!