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Sembach Hash #982

Sembach Hash #982
Hare: Donkey and Double Dickhead
When: 24 Feb 2018
Time: 1400
Where: Palatinate Forest Kreuzstrasse 66851Quidersbach Germany, Kreuzstraße 30, 66851 Queidersbach

Trail scouted and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun – for us hares! Bahahahaha!!!!

It will be a German style trail – comes with hares.

Trail is not stroller friendly so pack your ErgoBabies or put the lad in a backpack.

Parking is easy to find and offers lots of space near the local cemetery which might be used for shenanigans.

Bring Virgins, your inner child, thirst for German beverages of our choice, 5 Euros and cash for on trail.

German Nash Hash 2018!!!

24-26 August 2018
FELDBERG, Black Forest, Germany

Hiking was invented in the Black Forest! And that’s where this year’s GERMAN NASH HASH will take place.

It was Philipp Bussemer from Baden-Baden who, at the end of the 19th century, opened what was probably the first tourist information centre in the Black Forest near to his haberdashery shop. Publishing hiking maps and numerous hiking guides soon became more important to him than his chosen career.

Just like hashing has become more important than our careers and taken over our lives. So don’t waste any time, book your holidays now and come join us in AUGUST for the most memorable GNH yet.

Sembach Hash #979 Wine and some bushes

What: Sembach Winter wine Walk hash

Where: Freinsheim Vineyard’s

When: 27 January 2018

How: By train, current train will depart Kaiserslautern @1058 to get us there by 1212! Optionally the 1041 Train from Landstuhl will put you into Kaiserslautern @1054 to catch the 1058.

Be at either train station at least 14 Min early so we can book group tickets!!!

Bring: Virgins, warm clothes, thirst for red wine, and of course fare for the train. Dress according to the weather it can be really cold out their this time of year.

Costs: The hash is going cheap on this one, its pay for your own 🙂 this way we can give the Beirmeisters and On-Sex a bit of a break!

Sembach Full Moon Hash #974

A-A Trail

Why: It’s the 1st Full Moon of 2018!

When: 2 Jan 18 @ 7pm

Special Notes: Get on A63 and drive North towards Mainz/Frankfurt am Main like you did 3 days ago. But instead of visiting Biscut Bitch and Landing Strip in Wiesbaden again – this time get off at the first exit, Sembach. Ignore the signs going towards the town. Instead, follow the winding road up the hill, crossing “over” the traffic circle (that means taking the 2nd exit) towards Sembach Zufart West. When you get to all of the blue and white signs, turn right onto Zeplinstrasse. The parking lot we’ve used numerous times before has been re-purposed, so drive down Zeplinstrasse looking on the right-hand side for hashers.

Questions? Hareline 0162-800-6247

Sembach Hash #974

Hares: Baron Von Dopplebanger and Sir Lost A Lot

On-Start: near Goethestraße 53, 67655 Kaiserslautern, Germany. There is a parking lot here. Across the street from the Kaufland parking.

When: 16 Dec 17 @ 1400 (2pm for commoners)

Bring: $5 or 5 Euro’s, virgins (yes they are free), wisitors, and your thirst for beer. Warm clothes, maybe a spare for the impromptu on-after.

Come join this A-A Trail where we pop BVD’s Hare Cherry.

Sorry I don’t feel like writing much here but there will be Good times to be had by All!

On-After: TBD (But it will be followed by group showers at Sir Lost A Lot’s Knight’s Quarters and A night of continuation out on the town if you choose to stay)

Crash Space: Let me know if you need it, and we will Twirk it out.

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