Sembach Hash House Harriers

A Drinking club with a running problem

Dr. Manginas “Bye bye cherry” run

Our very own Dr. Mangina is doing his virgin hare – so don’t expect anything, like usual 😉

What: My chance to show you my sadist side by bringing us back to where I started last Fall. Be prepared for shiggy, hills, and maybe a jump in the Bärenlochweiher after (it’s fucking HOT yo)

Big parking lot by the lake
Weiherstraße 34, 66862 Kindsbach

Bring: A change of clothes if you think you might like a swim and then On After.

On After is TBD because fuck you, I’m not a cop

Full Moon #XXXX

What: Full Moon Trail and total Lunar Eclipse

Where: Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof
When: 27 July 2018 @ 1830

Sembach Hash – Mi Pho and Soccer Mom’s F#@K off Hash

What: Mi Pho and Soccer Mom’s F#@K off Hash
I’m sad to say Mi Pho and I will be departing this…coughs*, amazing pack of derelicts that are full of life (mostly themselves), debauchery, hope, dreams, trails, and most of all, friends. So, we have planned, and planned, and planned a wonderful trail that all cumming will remember.
***Where: Miesenbach Seewoog, see GPS. We will circle on the otherside of the lake in the open area.
GPS: 49°27’32.6″N 7°33’54.4″E ***
When: 28 July 2018 @ 1600
Bring: $5 or 5 Euro, sense of adventure, spare liver (you’ll need it), extra clothes, and most importantly yourselves. Oh, don’t forget the virgins. As you may know, we love virgins…mmmm
On After: Somewhere TBD

Sembach Hash Mis-Management Erections

What: 2nd Anal Erzenhausen Kilt Run. I have come up with a completely new trail with no uphill but a couple of drinking stops.

When: 16:00/4 pm, Saturday, July 14th

Where: Erzenhausen, In der Klamm 2
Use this adress for your GPS and park close by then walk up the hill with the war monument to the sports ground

Who: The Hometown Boys Double Dickhead & Quick Sink

Why: It’s time for a triple event of epic proportions.
This time we will celebrate the second installement of the Erzenhausen Kilt Run plus my 30th Birthday and it’s time for Hash Erections.

Bring: 5€/5$, your kilt since it’s kilt run, your thirst for beer, shigyy socks, a flash light (maybe you’ll need it this time)

Sembach Summer Solstice Hash #996

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, text and outdoor

Hash #996

Hares: Teachers Pet

What: Anal Summer Solstice Hash

When: 1900 (7pm wanks) 21 June 2018 ***Thursday***

Bring: Virgins, $5 or 5 Euro hash cash, *unning apparel and your thirst for beer. Don’t forget to bring your low expectations.

Where: Austraße 23, 66887 Jettenbach, Deutschland
GPS: 449°31’46.5″N 7°33’53.0″E

How: Car pool, walk, run, horseback

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