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WPTB(World Peace Through Beer) Full Moon Trail

Who: Purple Vein

What: WPTB(World Peace Through Beer) Full Moon Trail

When: Wednesday 24th of October, 18:30
Start is a little earlier, at the Kaiserslautern HBF, so that we can get through circle and show those Okinawa folks a local German Festival at out Anal KTown Fest Drinking Practice.

Where: Kaiserslautern Hbf (Main Station)

Why: Hashers from around the globe, unite to celebrate the glorious gift of beer, as close as UN Day as possible. UN Day happens to fall on October 24 this year, which is also a full moon and Octoberkerwe is happening in Kaiserslautern. Plus, I heard some (Okinawa SUCKS) visitors may be stopping by.

Bring: In leu of hash cash, please bring a six pack of delicious nectar, from another country. Bring your wallets, as the official WPTB shirts and patches will be on hand and will be needed for the post trail libations.

Sembach Saturday Trail #1014 A Very Hashy Oktoberfest

Who: Harry Potter and the Golden Clit and Just Justin
What: Trail 1014, A Very Hashy Oktoberfest
When: 1400 Sembach Time, 20th of October
Where: Jahnstraße 26, 67686 Mackenbach, Deutschland
Parking will be infront of Fiesta Mexicana and we will be starting in a park shortly up the hill, arrows will mark where start is…but I highly doubt you’ll need it, since we’ll all be there in in a dirndl and leaderhosen wear!
Why: Because the end of fest season is upon us and we need to wear or fest gear one more time! (plus, you’ll be dressed for festivities going on afterwards!)

Don’t forget your Hash Cash and your Virgins!

On-After is Oktoberkerwe in Kaiserslautern!!!

Sembach Saturday Trail #1013

What: Sembach Saturday Trail

When: Saturday 6th of October, 2pm/14:00


Who: Putin my Sister & All the Dicks



Sembach Hash #1012 Haiselscher Invasion Reloaded

What: Sembach Hash #1009 Haiselscher Invasion Reloaded

When: Saturday, 29th of September, 2pm/14:00
Something about the trains that will get us there in time will be posted in the facebook event.

Where: Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Hauptbahnhof(train station)

Who: Man Hoarder & DoubleDickhead

Why: It’s the biggest wine harvest festival in the world.

Bring: CASH! And thirst 😉 and virgins of course!

Full Moon of Justs #1008

What: Full Moon of Justs #1008

When: Tuesday, 25th of September 6:30pm/18:30


Who: Just Ashley and Just Toast (with the assistance of Miss Direction)


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