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Sembach Full Moon Hash 9 Aug

WHO: Harry Potter

WHEN: Monday, 9 Aug at 1900

WHY: Because it’s a partial lunar eclipse!


Because I like suspense, I’m finally sharing start with you guys! Full Moon Tonight starts at Untere Eisenbahnstrasse 4 66849 LANDSTUHL 49.416544, 7.564935 (The lot area behind the train station!) Bring your moon hats so you don’t get moon burn!!!


WHO: The majestic LEG-O
WHERE: It’s at the lake in Waldmohr! If you don’t know where that is… Then it’s here… 49.386894, 7.353775
WHY: Because it’s a full strawberry moon!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: It’s a lake! Bring a swim suit or a speedo! Or nothing at all! The on after could be in the water. If there is enough interest we can do a swim hash! Follow trail by following the flour on the lily pads! �
All joking aside. Bring your limber running legs, your freshly waxed belly buttons, your thirst for shitty American beer and your desire to run wild with the full moon! It’s time to let out your inner Remus Lupin and revert to your basic instant, Sharon Stone style.


hareraiser note: whats a lupin

11 Apr Sembach Full Moon

What: Pink Full Moon Hash
When: Tuesday 11 April at 1900
Where: Mackenbach 49.471455, 7.574466
Trail: A to A
Hare: Takes 3
D’erections: From A6
1. Take exit 14-Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof toward Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof
2. Head towards East gate of Ramstein
3. Go past the East gate and at the traffic circle take the 1st exit towards weilerbach
4. Go about 2km at the next traffic circle take the 3rd exit towards Mackenbach
5. Stay on the priority road through M’bach
6. As you leave M’bach you will come to another traffic circle, take the 3rd exit towards the woods
7. If you get to Miesenbach turn around and go back
What: Wear something pink to celebrate the full moon. Bring your hash cash, your virgins, flashlights, anti-tick and anti-stinging nettle stuff and your joie de vive.
Why: Cuz Takes 3 has been hashing with Sembach for 7 years!!! And wine the hell not!
Disclaimer: No guarantee the moon will be pink!!!!

Sembach 8 Apr

What: “Regular” Saturday Hash for those that couldn’t get out of bed and head to Venice for an Awesome weekend of kilt wearing and lifting.

Where: North side of Ramstein Village, RP

Who: You (the aforementioned lazy person too lazy to go have an amazing time in Venice), ALL virgins (because we like them sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much), Visitors (apparently too lazy to go to Venice too), FAIRWEATHER Hashers (you know who you are…), the curious (bi), the Pagans, the Idolitors, etc, etc.

When: (Crucial question I must say) TOMORROW MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!! 8 April, 2017 at 1600hrs.

Why: Well, I cum for the beer, snacks, people touching, hard breathing then calming down for a moment then breathing hard again repeated several times, For the start time, we are on Summer hours baby!! Woot! Woot! Regarding the lateness of the announcement…let’s just say that I tried until the last minute to use my Grand Vizier powers to CREATE a bierfest for us to rub in the faces of those in Venice…and failed. (Or did I?)

How: Like the Greek Freak says in the Kama Sutra about sex in the “kitchen”…”Just Do It” If you need instructions I quote from the aforementioned book, ahem “From the A6 every d’erection, take exit #13 “Ramstein/Landstuhl” and turn North (away from Oscars and the hills). This road is called the L363 or Landstuhler Strasse (here anyway). Drive until you get the big mound in your face and dive straight through into “RAM”stein. Follow the goody trail (or priority road) through “RAM”stein direction Steinwenden. Once the sign says you’ve left “RAM”stein, slow down or you’ll cum too fast and miss the “G” spot, which is the first opening on the Right. Drive it on in there, park it if you must, and shoot your wad until the circle is complete.

If that doesn’t get you there, you need serious help, so call But His Nut and he will be glad to help you from Venice.


Coitus Interruptus

Sembach Hash #895


SEMBACH HASH 895: I Fucked A Girl Once’s ON OUT

Hares: Squeaky Queen and I Fucked A Girl Once
WHEN: 4 PM, 30 July
WHERE: Gelterswoog! Drive south on 270 and turn right into the large parking lot when you see the sign for Gelterswoog.

GPS: 49.391923,7.694184
BRING: Bug/tick spray, shiggy socks, a whistle, and your sense of humor!  $5 OR 5 EURO and a change of clothes for on after!!!
THERE WILL BE: Fun, beer, shiggy, beer, barbecue, a fond farewell to a short man, and beer
AFTERWARDS: We will most likely be making a bar push. 

Sembach Hash 866 – Last Full Moon of the Year


When: 26 Dec 2015 – 1400

Hares: Butt-his-Nut and Karda-She-Ain’t

Where : Waldfischbach Bahnhof

67714 Waldfischbach-Burgalben

Time: Start time should be 1400 at the Waldfischbach Bahnhof. I know I live far out from the Ramstein area, but it’s nice out here! There will be a car going from the station to the end (Kim K’s house) to take potluck items.

Trail: Expect shiggy.

If you would like to bring a dish or sides to share for the On-After all are welcome.

Crash space: Go to the link above to let me know if you need crash space

Sembach Hash 864

tosh_511_slide_poop_uncensored_640x360When: 19 Dec Sat @ 1400
Hare – Suislide
Where:Bruchmühlbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Boeswiesenstrasse 2a, 66892 Bruchmuhlbach-Miesau
D’erections- take the A6 to Miesau exit and head towards the Ammo Depot. Stay straight and park at Edeka on your right. The house is about 100 yards from there. Train runs to Miesau Bahnhof but is a .5-mile walk to on-start.
Bring – hash cash, virgins, flashlight (cuz the days are still getting shorter), food for impromptu-ish on after

Full Blue Moon Hash # 846 – 31 July 15


What: The BLUE MOON HASH and LUGHNASDAH – making this an extra PAGAN hash

Where: Henschtalhalle – Hauptstrasse 20 66909 Henschtal

Why: To celebrate the full moon and the summer harvest!!!

When: Meet up at 1900 and hare away by 1930

What: Bring your hash cash, your virgins, your pagan relics, a flashlight, your thirst for beer and your sense of adventure.

Trail: A to B and Takes 3 is your hare!

D’erections: From Ktown head towards A62. Take A62 towards Trier and exit Glan-Muenchweiler. Go left towards and then through Glan-Muenchweiler (stay on the priority road the whole way). Drive/ride beneath the A62 and you are almost there, stay straight and enter Henschtal. The driveway for the Henschthalle is a right turn just before the bus stop on the same side of street. Look for hashers.

There will be an on-after at Takes 3 and CI’s house. Limited crash space is available in house. If you bring your tent there is plenty space in our yard. Please let us know if you are looking for crash space or if you will be pitching your tent.

If you are lost call 01522 641 8614 (takes 3) or 015151261911 (CI).


Sembach Hash 9 May 15

sembach logo

Hares: S.s. Minnow & ???

What: Sembach ‘un # eight hundred & ….. aww who gives a fuck???
When: Saturday 9 de Mayo @ 1600
Where: Landstuhl (by de Bahnhof man!!!)

Cum out and say farewell to S.S. Minnow on his on-out hash

6km of trail trail trail and vino vino vino
Minnow’s choice of course


Coming from the west catch the train going east and get off at Landstuhl

Coming from the east catch the train going west and get off at Landstuhl

GPS: Landstuhl Bahnhof 66849
49.415821, 7.563789

Contact phone numbers are:
(Fire) 112
(Police) 110
(Pizzeria Napoli) 06371-17277
(For a good time) 976-HOTT
(S.S. Minnow) 01767-268-9588

Other information:
This is an A to A’ish hash, there will be a car for bags at the start point, cum on time if you want to put your bag up.

Trails are NOT stroller friendly
Trails are dog friendly (if your dog is brave)

There will be a wankers trail.

What to bring
5$ or 5€ to pay off the hash cash.
Good Weather!!!

ON-AFTER: somewhere in Landstuhl pack’s choice…


Bahnhof Landstuhl

Bahnhofsstr, 66849 Landstuhl, Germany

Cinco De Layo – 5 May 2015 Full Moon


This is a joyous occasion where can fully embrace our Mexican Pride and our quench for beer on a Full moon of all nights. Who will take the reins and become “La Liebre”!!!

Hares: Insta-Gag and High Five

Join our hares for a short\shiggy free trail followed by dinner at Primavera Mexican Restaurant

Bring: Euro and thirst for beer.

When: Tuesday 5 May 2015 (tomorrow) 1830 (6:30pm for wankers)

What: Short hash followed by celebrating the Cinco de Mayo and hash shenanigans.

Where: Primavera Mexican Restaurant Kaiserstr./B-40, Einsiedlerhof, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, in nearby parking lot.