A Drinking club with a running problem

Month: October 2020

Who: Sweet Transvestite

When: Saturday, 31st of October 1400/2pm

Where: TBA

Halloween is saved! This socially-distanced SH3 Side Bitch trail features spooky goblins, a cabin in the woods, ghost hunts, trick-or-treat booze and candy stops, and even a costume contest with actual awesome prizes! Keep reading for the full details.

The trail starts and ends at the Sportheim Queidersbach, which has a great little bar and restaurant (with Covid-safe outdoor seating). We’ll confirm that they are open this weekend, but their normal hours are Saturday from 1300-2400 and Sunday from 1000-1300 and 1600-2400. So, hopefully you’ll all be able to enjoy a beer and a something to eat after the trail. They have tons of parking, and they make great burgers, steaks, and schnitzel. Here’s a Google Pin:

This is a Covid Side Bitch event, so you can start the trail anytime you like after 9am on Saturday. If other people happen to be on trail at the same time, just maintain appropriate social distancing.

This haunted hike through the woods is about 7km of amazing autumn scenery with spooky stops along the way. There are some brambles, a little mud, a few wet rocky stairs, and lots of wet leaves. So, wear old shoes with good grip and probably shiggy socks. There are a couple of small hills to climb, but nothing too crazy.

There are multiple beer stops, provided that you bring your own beer on the trail with you. Our co-hares, Red Rocket and YUM, would also like you to know that the trail is totally dog-friendly.

The Halloween Costume Contest will take place on the trail, with virtual judging to follow. At the designated location (you’ll know it when you see it), take a selfie in your Halloween outfit. After the trail, go to the main SH3 FB Group, find the Costume Contest post, and put your selfie in the comments. The pics that get the most likes will win actual prizes, awarded by the hares during the virtual circle on Monday, Nov 2nd. The grand prizes are a bottle of spiced rum and a homecooked meal prepared by Goldietwat & The 3 Hares.

At the creepy cabin in the woods, there will be a ghost hunt. Search all around to find the ghosts left behind by the hare. Whoever finds and photographs the most ghosts will also win a prize.

Along the trail you will also encounter spooky scenes and multiple Trick-or-Treat stops. Look for the deer-hunting stands along the trail. Every deer stand marked with TOT will have a hidden bag of treats and some hand sanitizer. Clean your hands, reach into the bag, and take a treat. (Please take only one at each stop so that there will be enough for everybody.)

Don’t forget the virtual circle after trail, at 1900 on Monday, Nov 2nd. That also happens to be Sweet Transvestite’s birthday. So, there might be a virtual caking as well!