Sembach Hash – Green Dress Run 826 – 14 Mar 15

green dress

Sembach Mismanangement Meeting; 13 Feb 15 – Lego-My-Mom’s House – Find local hasher for details.
14 Mar 15
Sembach Hash Green Dress Run 826
Hares: Helicunter and Takes Three to make me cum
What: Green Dress *un – Wear your Green Dress to Support the St. Patrick’s Day events!!! Accessories and any other Habb you have.
When: 14 Mar 15
Where: Lanstuhl Bahnhof backside.
Untere Eisenbahnstraße 5, 66849 Landstuhl
GPS: 49.416516, 7.564663
Time: 1400 (2pm)
Cumming from Kaiserslautern A6, take the Landstuhl Exit next to Mcdonalds. Take the first left at the traffic light. Turn Left again at the first available left into Mcdonalds. Head southeast on Am Koehlwäldchentoward Raiffeisenstraße 120 m Continue onto Untere Eisenbahnstraße 220 m
On After: Pub Crawl – Or during I don’t know anymore.
15 Mar 15
Hangover Trail 828
Sunday hangover trail info:
Where: Get with Local Hasher for Address – Niedermohr
Time: 12 or closest train time to noon
What: hangover trail then cookout. Bring sides, the meat is provided
-Hare Raiser

Sembach Hash 824


Sembach Hash 824!!!! Saturday 28 Feb

Hares: Experienced Hare/Boycow/SS Minow

What: The hash of course. Silly wankers. The premiere drinking club with a running problem group in the Kaiserslautern Community. Bring your gear, don’t forget it’s still a tad bit chili and your quench for beer!!!!

Where: Kottweiler-Schwanden
GPS: 49.472001,7.543227

D’rections: 6 Langstrasse, Kottweiler-Schwanden, 66879
Leaving from the west gate of Ramstein Air Base, turn right at the first roundabout. Turn right again at the next roundabout. Follow the road past the Azur water park, and take the 2nd left turn, after you pass Azur. Follow the road through Ramstein village. At the end of the village, there will be horses to the left, and Kottweiler-Schwanden will be half a km outside the village. Follow the road, and turn right onto Langstrasse just a few hundred meters into the town. The meeting will be on the right immediately after turning onto the road. Any question/concerns, call Boycow at 01743699685

On After: There is a Flohmarkt in Kottweiler-Schwanden we will be runing past/through, so if you’re interested in buying some crap, bring some Euro.

SLYRONMAN part Drei!!!

slyron man

This drunkathalon requires the participant to drink 2.4 ounces of hard liquor, 112 ounces of beer and 26.2 ounces of wine (or roughly a bottle) within 17 hours. Drunkathalon starts at 7AM Saturday and must be completed by midnight.

€150 early rego by 6MAR2015 or €175 late rego and shirts are not guaranteed.
This gets you supper Friday night, three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. There will be three choices for your shot of liquor, PBR for the beer and the choice of white or red for your wine. We will also have water, beer and some soda for Friday night, Sunday morning and the non-Slyronman attendees.
We have a hostel with 10 bedrooms, each with bathroom. What to bring:
Your own bed linens and towels.
Drinking vessal
Games to play
Space is limited to 54 hashers.

1800 Registration begins
1900 Dinner – Chili
2000 Best skit gets a surprise
0000 Midnight naked run – pending hare
0700 Breakfast – Egg Casserole
1000 Trail – You must do the trail to get your bottle of wine
1200 Lunch – Taco Bar
1800 Supper – Pasta Bar
Games all afternoon and into the night with prizes including:
Best hasher impression (not of you, you wanker)
0700 Breakfast – European Breakfast (buns, cold cuts, cheese)

Sembach Hash 823 Anti-Valentines Day!!!


Cum join the hash for what will be an unforgettable day of spending time with those who you would probably not want to be without!!!

Hares: Soccer Mom Tom Tom, and Just Sherryl (naming this Sat)

Highlights: Naming, Abduction, and it will be awesome!!!

Bring you anti-valentine-bdsm spirit. Dress warm, it’s freaking cold outside. Yes there is trail and you will more than likely be intoxicated post trail, a DD or AADD is always a good plan. On After Korn Kammer in Weilerbach.

Plenty events for the whole hash family. Seriously it will be epic and you will not miss it.

Best BDSM Costume wins a prize
Worst costume gets a down down

Best Anti-Vday cards are welcome.
Trail- 1200pm/Yes it is early.
Sportplatz Siegelbach
67661 Siegelbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Apries/On After Trail:

Korn Kammer Weilerbach
Bauer Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG
Str. 45
67685 Weilerbach
Reservation for 20 ppl

Sembach Hash 821

ktwonsoccerWhat: The Hash

Time: 1400 (2pm)

Bring: Your clothes, no one wants to see your damn pecker…well maybe some boobs, but wait for trail. Honestly,a quench for beer, some money, running clothes, and maybe a change if the weather turns for the worst.

How: You cum bearing virgins, your desire to complete the most dastardly trail conceived by one unscrupulous hare, to finally quench ones thirst for beer!!!

Where: In Pat Bonetar back yard of course:

Carl-Euler-Straße 26
67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany
49.431856, 7.751157

Sembach Hash 820 and On Out

Hares: Gay-Ho, DTR, and Penis makes kids cry

What else do you people need to know?
Who: You wankers
What: Pub crawl
When: 17 Jan starting at 1400 (Thats right…we are going to be day drunk!)
Where: Starting at the K-town train station…not Kusel town!!!
Why: Do we need a reason?
See you wankers there…or not…who cares!

Sembach Hash (__|__) Full Moon 819

greeting cards full moon


Who: Hashers, snowmen and snowwomen Etc..
What: Sembach H3 Full Moon
When: 7:00 pm or 1900
Where: Erzenhausen. At 49.501880, 7.622342. Parking lot on the side.
Hare: Drink Her Pretty

Make sure when going up the hill to take friendhofstraße and not to take Rringstraße the whole way up. It’s might be too steep and Icy for some, friendhofstraße is much safer.

Bring: a Flash Light, its night time…

Sembach Hash 818


Happy New Year I have such a bad hangover from last year Hash!!!Why not start the New Year with a mystery hare hash in Weilerbach, after we can enjoy some of the best brews available after end circle!!!

When: 03 Jan, 2015 @ 1400 hrs

Bring: Cold weather gear, rain gear, shoes, change of clothes, a thirst for Beer and other beverages to be consumed.

Where: Danzingerstraße 10, 67685 Weilerbach

Why: It is a new year and it is time for all of us to start it off with a well known Sembach tradition. The hash of course. The best known secret for getting rid of that annoying hangover.

How: Find a ride, walk, run, take a bus, taxi.

Where: Danzingerstraße 10, 67685 Weilerbach


Sembach Hash – Red Dress Run 816


What: Heidelberg H3 – #1070 RED DRESS RUN

When: Saturday 20 Dec 1400 – Hare(s) away no later than 1415

Hare: Takes 3 2 Make Me Cum

Why: To celebrate St. Nicholas date a bit late and enjoy a festive time of year with your hashing friends

Bring: 5 Euros, RED DRESS or RED PJs (no lingerie – this isn’t a Dirty Santa Hash), virgins, friends and your sense of humor, and warm underwear under your RED DRESS. Bring extra money for the Christmas Market.


Sembach Hash 817 Winter Solstice…brrrrr


16th Amazing Sembach HHH Winter Solstice Hash!
HASH#: something something – a whole lot of numbers
WHEN: Sun 21 Dec 2013
TIME: NOTE — 1500/3:00PM Hare away at 1530 sharp!
COST: $5/5 euro
LOCATION: Jettenbach. (of course!) Jettenbach Sportsplatz
TRAIL : A – A Enjoy TP’s shortest trail ever on the shortest day of the year. Distance 5K
HARE: Teacher’s Pet
Bring: Your sexy Bellybuttons! TP finally has disco balls to give away! dry clothes for after, pagan clothes or no clothes at all! and any weird pagan-fu you want to bring with you, a lighting device, holly, halls, jingle bells, batman smells, Robin laid and egg. jingle balls.

Featuring:wild boars, scenic views of the beautiful christmas lights of thelittle town of Jettenbach, shot stop, beer stop. And NO, this won’t be a typical Teacher’s Pet marathon trail. True trail for hashers/wankers should be about 45 minutes – 5K. Warm, comfy circle in TP’s Haus.

Immediate On after: Perhaps some food at the Jettenbach Sportzplatz restaurant – good cheap schnitzel, beer, pizza, etc.!

Other useless crap: The start is at the Jettenbach sportsplatz

Buy a map. ..

Austraße 23
66887 Jettenbach
49.529300, 7.564638

Or read directions below:

From the Kaiserslautern area

1. A6 from everywhere – get to Kaiserslautern

2. Exit A6 at the “Opel Exit” direction Lauterecken/Siegelbach

3. Stay on this priority road for a long way…direction Weilerbach

4. go past Siegelbach – road splits, stay left direction Weilerbach

5. go past Weilerbach (do not exit priority road to go into Weilerbach)

6. At the first roundabout (mackenbach Roundabout) exit direction “Schwedelbach/Kusel

7. drive approx 2km. At bottom of the hill turn right into “Schwedelbach”

8. Stay on the priority rd as you enter Schwedelbach…

9. at first major intersection in Schwedelbach turn left – direction “Kollweiler”

10. Follow this priority road…about 2 km, very curvy (we love curves!)

11. at the yield sign, turn right – direction marked “Kusel/Kollweiler”

12. Just as you enter Kollweiler the road splits – the priority road bears right into Kollweiler…but YOU DON’T. Head straight (left), up the hill –yellow sign reads Kusel/Jettenbach

13. after approx 4 curvy Kilometers you will enter Jettenbach.
Stay on the main road until it ends at a “T” stop in center of town

14. Turn right at “T” – follow priority road direction through town (direction Rothselberg/Wolfstein) After about 500 meters the road curves to the left and leaves town — you don’t! Stay “straight” and head to the sportzplatz at the end of the little road. Park here!

17. Call TP/BooBoo if lost: Cell 0151-15558423 / Home: 06381-9966299

Questions or just wanna get your bellybutton licked. Contact TP.
“Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental”

See ya!
Teacher’s PeT